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Romeo x Juliet 8 + 9

* Oh, this is so teenage melodrama. But hey, at least they're being true to the source material!
* Juliet wibbling at Romeo for saying "to me, you are Juliet" is so damned cute.
* Juliet is being so very tsundere here, emphasis on the dere.
* Huh--apparently the major religion worships a goddess. That might have been mentioned briefly before, but I don't recall it being made so blatant.
* Oh god, Tybalt even swishes his cape.
* It's nice to see the swashbuckling hero(ine) actually practicing with her swords. Even if she is only sparring with a little kid.
* They can't seem to decide whether to call her Odin or Juliet now.
* Awww, Cordelia.
* And as Francisco claims not to be attracted to men, a million fangirls' hearts break. It's still cute to watch him flirt and tease, though. (Besides, I think he may make an exception for Curio.)
* Okay, Benvolio has become really damned adorable.
* I'm really starting to dig Francisco--he's very charming and sweet and playful, but he's also cunning and manipulative. So very my type.
* Awww, Hermione standing up for Romeo. It's so pathetic that she's getting bashed--although also totally expected.
* Poor Hermione. She may not have much personality yet, but she's still very sweet.
* Yay! Mercutio is back! Please actually do something, Mercutio!
* LOL Mercutio you are a very smooth spy. "PLZ TELL ME ALL UR SEKRITZ."
* Oooh, Juliet finally wants to become part of the fight of her own will rather than as a pawn being pushed around by everyone else.
* Heh, and Conrad is shocked; it would have been easier for him if she'd just stayed a pawn. To his credit, though, he's actually happy about it.
* Aww. Juliet got pushed into the role of the savior, whereas Romeo is trying so hard to take it on and keeps getting thwarted by people who want him to stay in the shadows.
* "The nobleman named Benvolio is gone. But look, I'm alive, right here." Which is what Romeo wishes he could do with himself.
* ...but then Benvolio makes it clear that that's just wishful thinking: Romeo has to stay in his current position so he can change things.
* As much of a dumbass drama queen as Tybalt is, he's right: Juliet was playing childish games as the Whirlwind.
* I'm not sure whether to laugh at Tybalt or want to smack him, really.
* Tybalt is a spymaster? Dammit. Now I can't dislike him.
* You know, I'm starting to think that the fact that Tybalt's pegasus is black is meant to set him up as a dark parallel to Romeo, especially since I hear he's supposed to be a sort of alternate love interest for Juliet. Romeo offers Juliet a pure and innocent love, free from politics and the demands of fate; Tybalt offers her guidance on the dark path into vengeance and the people's salvation.
* Oooh, Juliet being a little deranged and dark in her badassitude is pretty cool. Opens up a whole new realm of messed-up-ness for her!
* I'm not sure whether to be glad that Juliet didn't kill the Friar, because it means she's still got issues to deal with before she can become what Tybalt and Conrad want her to be, or disappointed, because it means that she'll never go down that dark and interesting path.. Oh well.
* Haha, misunderstanding time!
* Ooh, Juliet looks pretty hot with that cute ponytail in the next episode.

* Okay, if Juliet's inability to kill results in her being all frustrated with her humanity because she thinks it makes her weak, then I am totally cool with it.
* The implication of her hair representing her true self/her humanity is also kind of neat. Boy, hair sure can symbolize lots of things!
* And Juliet is finally into the role they ask her to play.
* Mmm, ponytail. Really, this show is all about the hair porn.
* DUN-DUN. The big fancy mystical tree must be wilting!
* Of course, now that she's decided to take up her fate as savior of Neo Verona, Juliet is all eager to get going on it. Of course. She is a teenager. If there's one thing this show does a good job of (and it does a good job of several things), it's making it clear how teenage the title characters are.
* Ooh, time for another visit to the WTF Tree!
* The weird tree lady is called Ophelia? Ow, my brain.
* I have to say, this goddess stuff is just weird.
* It seems a bit weird for Camio to be telling this stuff to someone as untrustworthy as a former assassin who's probably desperate to get back into Montague's good graces (although, I didn't realize that Montague knew he'd failed; that seems weird too). Unless, of course, Camio is deliberately betraying the Capulet cause.
* Huh, Curio's sudden awkwardness there is interesting. I wonder if he has Issues of his own.
* Yay! Willy knows about Juliet! I can't wait to see what he has to say.
* Awww, and she's happy about it because he's always understood her. So cute.
* He wanted to write a good story. Oh, Willy. ♥
* Well, isn't this meta.
* Ouch. Camio used to be Conrad's best friend, so Conrad trusts him too much, even when he's obviously setting them up.
* Yeah, and Juliet isn't biased about this at all. Nope!
* For someone who claims to be totally straight, Francisco sure acts flirty all the time around Curio. But then, he acts flirty around everyone.
* Oh boy, more people dying for Juliet's sake! This'll cheer her up!
* Man, I love Juliet as a heroine so damned much. She's so adorable and badass and yet so very flawed and human.
* ...oh noes. Francisco and Curio had better survive this. D: I could understand if Conrad died, although I'd be very sad, but those two? Nooooo.
* Okay, Ophelia, why the hell would trees be beating in the first place?
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