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notes on xxxHolic

When I grow up, I want to be Yuuko.

* Watanuki is really damned adorable as a hero. I love guys who do housework in anime, for some reason. They are hilarious. And he's so awesomely spazzy, and yet there's this self-destructive vulnerability underneath it that can be fascinating.
* Doumeki does not particularly interest me yet, although I enjoy his relationship with Watanuki. I'm not huge on it as a pairing, because it seems rather sterile in terms of actual romance--but after glancing through some Tsubasa as well at the library, I have a feeling I'm going to be that way with most CLAMP pairings. I just don't care for this whole "soulmates" business they have. Give me dorky crushes and sexually charged touching instead of all this clean, asexual symbolism any day.
* Himawari is charming, but she hasn't evinced much depth yet, either in her own character or her relationship with Watanuki. However, I get the strong sense, based both on her own actions and the way characters other than Watanuki react to her, that she's holding something back, hiding the depth she does have.
* I found the series easier to follow up through the third volume. I'm not sure if that's because of the official translation being better, because it's easier for me to read things in physical form, or because the fourth and fifth volumes actually were more scattered and disorganized than the others. However, things seemed to straighten out again in the sixth volume.
* While the episodic stuff is cute enough, I'm sort of waiting for a main storyline to kick in at some point. Anywhere? Hello?
* That said, I'd have liked to have seen more of the creepy soul-eating wings, because that's a really neat idea.
* The soul-sucking mommy figure woman in volume 6 was very sad. I knew from the beginning that it wasn't going to end well, but that didn't stop me from wanting her to turn out to be a nice stable mommy figure who would marry Yuuko and give Watanuki a family. ;_;
* Yuuko is awesome, I'm just saying. She molests everybody. And Watanuki secretly fantasizes about Yuuko/Himawari even though he won't admit it to himself. It's so obvious.
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