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Otakon Picture Post (1/2)

It's about time I posted shiny pictures of the stuff I got at Otakon.'s shiny. And I am a consumer whore.

Most of it is doujinshi. I have long since grown tired of scanning in every page of every doujinshi I get, so for most of them, I just scanned in my favorite pages. If you want icons of any of these, let me know; when I've paid for a doujinshi, I tend to be all right with making icons from it. I'm not going to make big icon posts of them, though--just personal icons for people who want them.

So here's the doujinshi! If anyone who knows Japanese wants to help me with the names (and circle names) of the ones that...only have names in Japanese, that would be awesome.

The first one I got is called Namihinoe, and it's by a circle called 73feti. It's hentai, but it's actually only got a few pages of smut; the rest of it is cuteness.


The plot appears to be divided into two parts. The first is a brief story about Sakura attempting to give Sasuke dango and generally fuss over him, while he sulks and thinks about Naruto. It is hilarious and adorable.

The second is the main meat (hurhur) of the doujin. As far as I can tell, Sasuke sees Sakura walking around with a mysterious package and decides to stalk her. He surprises her and gets a peek at the package...which turns out to be dirty magazines (I think?). Anyway, she then suggests something, they blush a lot, and then there's sex. My best guess is that Sakura suggested they do what she saw in the dirty magazines. In any case, the blushing is terribly cute.

Finally, at the end, there are a couple of wacky 4komas.

Back cover.

At the same place--the main hentai booth--I picked up an Aerith/Tifa doujinshi. Much to my surprise, it turned out to not be smutty at all, but rather a lot of sweetness.

Cover. As you can see, the name is in Japanese, so I have no clue. The circle, I believe, is called BouquetBlanc (whose site also features some adorable Aerith/Tifa).

This doujin consists of two main stories and a mini-story at the end. The first one opens on Tifa and Aerith in battle poses, facing off against an enemy with Cloud knocked out on the ground. Then, rather adorably, they grab him and run off.

I'm a little unsure of what happens next, but it seems that a little frog-enemy has followed them, and it confuses Tifa and she winds up kissing Aerith. It's terribly cute. Afterwards, they just talk for a while, and Aerith reminisces about her childhood. In the end, they wind up holding hands adorably.

The next story is set around Advent Children, and it features Tifa talking to Marlene about her memories of Aerith. I have no clue what she's actually saying, but she seems to be pretty fond.

Finally, there's a mini-story of Aerith and Tifa cuddling on a bed where Aerith gives Tifa a great big kiss.

After hitting up the stall that usually has pretty much all the doujinshi at the con, I wandered about and saw the vast variety of this year's selection. Namely: yaoi, yaoi, and more yaoi. However, after walking away in disgust from the more overpriced options, I came upon a table that had fairly cheap yaoi doujinshi and a handful of gen doujin as well.

First I nabbed one of the gen options: Wurttemberg by Chiho & Job. It's basically just a gag doujin of various characters and pairings from Destiny. There doesn't seem to be much plot; I don't know Destiny well enough to be sure, but I think it's just various parodic takes on scenes from the show.


Dorkily cute Kira/Lacus reunion scene.

Athrun and Cagalli being awkward at each other.

Back cover.

However, I also picked up some actual yaoi, namely Kakashi/Sasuke (I like NaruSasu too, but uh...not the way the Japanese draw it most of the time). Mind you, there were only a couple of pages of smut, which suited me fine--I was more interested in the pretty interaction.

The first KakaSasu doujin I picked up (the one that had the bit of smut in it) is called Faceless, volume 2, and it's by 25ans. (They provided an address, but it has become defunct since the publication of the doujinshi.)


At the start of the doujinshi, Kakashi wakes up to find himself in bed with Sasuke. As OOC as Sasuke is, I can still find it cute. Especially since hey, who knows, maybe that is how he'd react to waking up in bed with someone. They talk awkwardly for a bit.

Then there's a scene with Tsunade and Kakashi, apparently where she's explaining his ANBU team's mission. (Sadly, said team appears to be Sasuke and two OCs rather than Team 7. Maybe Faceless volume 1 explained that?) After that, there's the actual mission; Sasuke races around being all ninja-like, but in the end Kakashi finds him injured. Then he collapses into Kakashi's arms.

The next scene takes place in the hospital, where Sasuke wakes up to find Kakashi watching over him. They talk for a while, and Sasuke angsts, and then Kakashi hugs him. And at that point, the other ANBU team members walk on in them and lulz ensue.

Next, the doujin cuts to them having sex, blah blah blah. But there's a cute scene afterwards where Kakashi wakes up and thinks Sasuke's gone, but he's just gotten up to get dressed.

Back cover.

Finally, I also picked up a kitty!Sasuke doujinshi. It's not actually explicitly KakaSasu--it's very G-rated--but it's Kakashi+Sasuke interaction.

Cover. As you can see, the name's in Japanese; no clue what it is. But the circle is B-Works (as you can also see). Again, they provided a link, but it's dead now.

The doujin opens with Kakashi waking up to find that there is a cute little kitty!Sasuke sleeping on top of his covers. Sasuke proceeds to get up and sulk at him in a shockingly IC fashion. He then promptly spazzes out when Kakashi grabs him.

Kakashi attempts to give Sasuke something to eat, and Sasuke responds by sulking, not unlike an actual cat. Too bad, because Kakashi doesn't have anything else for him to eat. Anyway, after that, the doujin once again cuts to Kakashi in bed, peeking out at the cute kittyboy sleeping on top of the covers.

Next we see Sasuke just in general being a dork and Kakashi playing with him. It's ridiculously cute. But then Kakashi has apparently had enough of Sasuke for now, so he picks him up and tosses him out for a while.

Sasuke sulks outside for a while, but then Kakashi appears in a puff of smoke, and the two of them walk off together. Awww.

After this there's a short story of Kakashi and non-kitty!Sasuke snuggling in bed, but nothing explicit; they have all their clothes on. Finally, at the end, there are a couple more pages of kitty!Sasuke, including one where he brings Kakashi a dead bird and gets petted for his trouble.

Back cover.

But I didn't just get doujinshi! Oh no. I also picked up a couple of pencilboards/bromides/whatever the hell they are.

Adorable SEED doll!chibis of Kira and his harem. They're so simple, but I can't help but love that style of chibi.

Recent Heero/Relena bromide. I don't care how many idiotic fangirls write/draw Duo killing Relena for his beloved Heero (and it seems to be a popular theme). No, now I know that Duo's actual reaction to Heero/Relena is ":D!" And...I so need to finish watching Wing.

Also, I got stickers! Or possibly decals; I'm not sure. I think they're decals meant to go on computers or cellphones or whatnot. Anyway, two are D.Gray-man, one is xxxHolic (I actually bought another xxxHolic set, but I lost it, alas). I may someday offer up the D.Gray ones as prizes in an Allen/Rinali fanworks contest. We'll see.

But none of those was my best purchase. This was my best purchase. Because The Last Unicorn is fantastic and lfjdkslfds Peter S. Beagle is such a sweetheart ♥ ♥ ♥

Finally, some miscellaneous stuff.

That would be a cellphone strap with cute xxxHolic charms on it. As it turned out, it doesn't actually fit onto my cellphone, so I swapped it with my Orihime keychain (not pictured, since upon getting it I realized I didn't like it so much, least it was cheap) and now I'm using it as a keychain.

This is one of the rare "secret" figurines that you can get in the set I bought a random box of. I have wanted it ever since I bought a couple of figures from that set last year and saw that this one existed. I was so thrilled to get it this year ♥ ♥ ♥ I mean, look at it! It's angry chibi Fllay! And poor mini-chibi Kira crying!

Aaaand...plushies! Haro and Haruko. ♥ I will get a picture of Haruko molesting my Sasuke plush eventually, I swear it. It is inevitable.

And that's it for tonight. Tomorrow, I'll collect the various pictures I took at the con and post those. ♥
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