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Two birds with one stone! Sort of.

1) I want to get back into fanfic writing. I actually want to work on original writing, but first I'd like to get back into the swing of things with some fic.

2) I want to have something to think on during work tomorrow.

So, I'm presenting one of my weird-ass fic prompt challenges. This time, I'm putting out two lists. One is the Major Arcana (explanation of their meanings is here); another is a set of song lyrics (generated by flipping randomly through my current set of fifty-two songs). You pick one from each (try to check the comments and pick ones that haven't already been picked, since I won't be able to check this to cross things off the list that often)--two in all. Then give me a character or relationship of any kind (group, platonic, romantic, whatever) and I'll do a ficbit. Or try to. I can't promise they'll all get done, but I'll do my best. So long as you don't ask for FMA or Code Geass; my brain blanks on the former and I won't do the latter. Anything else I'll at least give a try.

Column A: Tarot
0: The Fool
1: The Magician
2: The High Priestess
3: The Empress
4: The Emperor
5: The Hierophant
6: The Lovers
7: The Chariot
8: Strength
9: The Hermit
10: The Wheel of Fortune
11: Justice
12: The Hanged Man
13: Death
14: Temperance
15: The Devil
16: The Tower
17: The Star
18: The Moon
19: The Sun
20: Judgment
21: The World

Column B: Lyrics
1) and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me
2) just be careful with those claws so I don't scar
3) from here I can hardly see a thing, but I will follow anyone who brings me to you
4) even if your hope has burned with time, anything that's dead shall be regrown
5) what's the going price of innocence?
6) and I always sleep with my guns when you're gone
7) you're a one-man shift in the weather
8) I'm gonna find my way back home
9) one child closed his eyes and disappeared
10) I can't remember when I last walked free upon these feet of mine
11) if lies were cats you'd be a litter
12) come with a mission and come with a broken heart
13) madness just moved into my shadow
14) and they'll shield you with their wings
15) and after all this, won't you give me a smile?
16) dear world, I'm pleased to meet you
17) if evil were a lesser breed than justice, after all these years the righteous would have freed the world of sin
18) maybe you can take me to your world for now
19) calm me with your lies, your simple tragedy
20) they ought to drown him in holy water
21) who stole your heart, or did you give it away?
22) all the world is waiting to see as you and I go down

Okay, I have stayed up way too late, and now I am going to sleep.
Tags: fanfiction, fic prompt, writing
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