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Today, as usual, was a bust. I cashed some checks, got myself a snack, and then did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day.

I'm going to try to make up for that later. Well, okay, maybe not entirely. After Mom finishes up with the NCJW (National Council of Jewish Women, I think) meeting she's hosting downstairs, I'm probably just going to go back to my KHII replay. Because I love the Tron world so much, despite never having seen Tron. And despite hating the Light Cycle minigame.

Meanwhile, I'm reading recaps of the Wire on Television Without Pity and remembering how much I adore that show. It sort of makes me want to get back into RPing Omar (as weird and gross as I feel about RPing a character from a serious business critically acclaimed crime drama, eww that's so lame, instead of some wacky anime or sci-fi show or comic book, which are proper sources of characters to RP). And I'm not sure I'll be able to wait until late November to watch S4. But then again...I have so many other things to watch. I might start watching Heroes later tonight.

I might also work on my fanfic for the request meme; there's at least one that I've got a good idea of what I'm doing for it. And speaking of writing...I'm pondering how I might do NaNoWriMo. The idea is shaping up in my head, but I keep stalling and going, "But I have to make the themes make sense! I have to be constantly thinking of what it all means!" And I do have some idea of what it all means--it's about death and the unknown, but also about society and gender and relationships--but if I focus too much on that, I'll get tripped up on what should be the plot.

I think that the only way to quell that in my brain may be to say, "Okay, look, for now let's just take whatever characters and plot points resonate with you the most and toss it all together. When you're done, give the rough draft to your more philosophical friends and make them tell you what they think the themes are and what it's trying to say. Then revise and edit it to be more internally consistent with those themes."

Of course, that counts on my having friends who are willing to paw through it like that, but I suppose we'll see! I do have some intriguing ideas for how things are going to go--it's sort of pseudo-fantasy/magic-realism. It's got dragons and an epic journey through the Land of Death, but while most genre fantasy has a complex setting with lots of arcane rules, this one, not so much. I'm aiming more at a Jonathan Carroll/Peter S. Beagle/Hope Mirrlees feel. Which is ridiculously august company to try to compare myself to, and I feel embarrassed to even say as much, but there you go.

For putting up with my rambling, some random and interesting links:
Drop Dead Gorgeous (a really interesting set of photographs; not sure if I've linked this before, if I have, oh well)
Ninjas, pigeons, and Mannannan mac Lir
Awesome steampunk stuff

And now some more specialized links: all the decent Squall/Rinoa art I can find on Deviantart. I went looking a while back, after finding some Japanese fanart sites of them, and came up with a fair amount. Might as well put it on my LJ. (also Selphie/Irvine)

As a final note: I watched the first episode of Torchwood last night. Holy shit, I want Jack so bad. Maybe I can watch another episode tonight, before I dive into Heroes...
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