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I. So I haven't been posting, because I spent half of yesterday recuperating from staying up all night on various chemicals and little sleep and the other half watching TV and reading comics. Sorry. I need to get back into the habit of posting regularly. D:

II. On the comics note: read from the beginning (of the current continuity, anyway), Legion of Super-Heroes is pretty damned awesome. Aaahhh they're all so cute. And shiny.

I...normally don't ship in Western comics, but something about the large number of colorful characters is twisting that with this one. Mostly I want a Founders OT3. I know that it's supposed to be Garth/Imra and Rokk/Jenni, and it's not that I have anything against XS or her relationship with Cos (both adorable), but afdsjkl Rokk/Garth/Imra. S-shut up. I swear, they all have big fat crushes on each other (even if Imra is trying to deny it). And Garth pining after his friends at the point in continuity I've reached breaks my heart. Especially since I adore Garth--he's a sulky sassmouth with secret angst and sibling issues.

I want to see more of Triad too--which is convenient, since I'm almost at her backstory. Yay! Things evilbeej and infinitepryde have said rather indicate I will like her. So far she hasn't really done much; all I can tell is that Lu Purple is sassy and rather too bold, Lu Orange is timid and a bit ditzy, and whatever you call the one in the middle is a more functional combination of both. Maybe. I'm not sure.

III. Got my BPAL today, yaaay! Have updated my log. I was strangely amused to discover that one of my free sample imps was from the new Shoujo Beat-inspired line. It's called Midnight Kiss, and it...actually smells pretty good on me. Crazy. I now have three 5ml bottles and twenty-eight imps; I think soon I'll set up a list of imps I'm willing to trade.

IV. I have not, in fact, given up on this fic prompt and am still planning to finish it. People who have not yet requested are welcome to make one; perhaps more inspiration will give me a kick to write more.

V. In the city the other night, I went to the Strand, and once there I went straight for the mythology section. ♥_♥ I made three purchases of varying levels of awesome.

One was a book about Inanna. I like the poems it presents; one of them even sparked in me an idea for a short story about Lilith as the archetypal outcast, sympathetic without being innocent or virtuous, forever hunted by Gilgamesh the defender of civilization. Unfortunately, one of the writers involved in the book sent me into a flurry of RIGHTEOUS RAGE with the following sentence:

I went through the world's anthologies in search of the names of moon goddesses: Ishtar, Mari, Diana, Isis, Hecate, Pasiphae, Selene, Brigit, Cybele, the Shekinah, Lilith, Persephone, Inanna...


Oh no you di'n't, biiitch, you did not just call the Shekhinah a moon goddess, WTF. Fucking fluffy pseudo-feminist New Age hippies--of that list, the only actual moon goddesses are Diana and Selene. Aset ("Isis") and Brighid are actually sun goddesses (among numerous other things). Mari and Hecate are connected to the moon through tenuous logic at best.

But, of course, all goddesses have to be moon goddesses. Gods can be or do anything, but goddesses? They have to stick to oh-so-empowered Feminine Roles like moon goddesses, or the concepts of maiden/mother/crone.

Yeah, uh, I had some more bitching about the sexism inherent in the whole concept of "empowering" women by assigning mystical roles to them, but I don't want to go on about that here. I'll blog about it at some point, I think.

Anyway, on a happier note, the second book I picked up is called This Tree Grows Out of Hell: Mesoamerica and the Search for the Magical Body, by, er, Ptolemy Tompkins. I love Aztec stuff, and I love stuff about shamanism, and it looks like this book delivers both.

The third and most expensive book was also the best catch--The Fairy Tradition in Britain, by Lewis Spence. It was published in 1948, which fills me with glee--older books about folklore are usually much more interesting. They have more anecdotes and unique little comments. Modern folklore books are all too often just collections of the same stuff listed over and over again. This, though--man, this is complete ♥ I will totally use it for research in creepy fairy plots and stories. Also, Lewis Spence wrote several other awesome-looking books, including one called Legendary London. Mark my words, someday I will have it.

VI. Getting stuff for people is awesome ♥ Especially when they make LJ posts gushing over how happy it makes them.
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