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attend the tale of sweeney todd

My excitement is OVER NINE THOUSAND you guys

I just read an article in Entertainment Weekly about the movie of Sweeney Todd and it allayed so many of my fears and perked me up so much.

* Sondheim had casting approval. He's really happy with Johnny Depp, and he, not Tim Burton, settled on Helena Bonham-Carter to play Mrs. Lovett.
* On that note: Bonham-Carter has wanted to play Mrs. Lovett since the show first came out in 1979, when she was eleven. How awesome is that? I take back my worries that she's too hot to play Mrs. Lovett. (She's second only to Bernadette Peters for me.)
* Burton really cares about the show, about doing it justice.
* Burton also didn't have to submit to a test-screening process, so there was no chance for the studio to fuck with it.

You guys...not to jinx this or anything, but I think they're going to pull it off.
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