ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

You know how I said I'd write about something interesting, more than a month ago?

I lied.

Oh well.

I recently entered my usual spring burnout--before it was exactly spring, in fact, but it gets earlier every year as more and more of my vital energy is sapped away and not fully replenished by summer vacation...okay, okay, I'm being melodramatic. Sorry. In any case, schoolwork is crushing me, which is odd, considering that I'm not *doing* any of it. I'm just sitting here and contemplating how horrifying it is. Oh yes, I am a master of procrastination.

My annual burnout was aggravated this year by a little something called Final Fantasy X. Now, I've never played a Final Fantasy game before, although I've had FFVIII recommended to me, and I intend to play it when I get the chance. Usually, I just sit down and watch when my brother plays on his PS2, because I suck at video games. They require too much complete attention, because generally they set you to doing timed tasks, and you can't get up in the middle of a fight to wander into the kitchen and have a snack until you calm down. FFX lets you take a break whenever you feel like it (except in the middle of a cut scene or FMV). Plus, the graphics mesmerized me. One of the characters also possessed certain cliched traits for which I am a complete sucker, which really made things worse. Despite the fact that both the male and female lead annoyed the hell out of me for most of the game. Tidus needed to stop whining. He really, really did. And why in the world would he want Yuna when Lulu was around? Speaking of which, the poor woman desperately needed someone in that pre-technological (or post-technological, really, but that's part of the story) world to reinvent the bra. And Yuna would have been okay if she'd only drop that I-am-such-a-delicate-little-flower attitude that, apparently, all heroines of this type of game have.

All of the above facts add up to this: I obsessed. And when I obsess over something, I do not do things halfway. The problem is, usually I don't obsess over video games. In fact, I've never obsessed over a video game before. Still, the intensity of the obsession eventually pushed shame to the side. I wrote fanfic. Yes. I wrote fanfic. I am pitiful. And the game won't leave my brain even now that I've beaten it. Jake--that's my little brother--refuses to let me play it again, and I have to obey his wishes, because both the game and the PS2 belong to him.

Oh well. It'll go away eventually. I hope. I just have to wait it out, then find a new obsession.

I hope.

On a side note, I have been informed of a new evil, which I must share with the entire world.

Progress Quest

It's a lot more addictive than it looks.
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