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the wire & kittens! perhaps not a good combo.

You guys, you guys. Guess what Wikipedia told me? That's right. They've done three tiny two-minute prequels to the Wire--one about Bunk and McNulty in the year 2000, one about tiny Proposition Joe in 1962, and one about--yes yes yes--tiny Omar in 1985. Someone up there loves me. Also, this makes me hope there will be more Omar in Season 5. Although I live in fear that they will kill him off. But at least even if they do, I will always be warmed by the knowledge that baby Omar being a tiny adorable badass is canon.

The mini-prequels are being aired on HBO On Demand--and, fortunately for those of you who don't have that, on YouTube, of course.

Proposition Joe, 1962:

Bunk and McNulty, 2000:

Omar, 1985:

On an unrelated note, I had a conversation with a_white_rain last night that led to me thinking about how everything can be improved by more kittens. Take my fandoms, for example.

Scenario 1, if you will:
While searching for Sasuke, Sakura makes a stunning discovery: the ultimate evil, the real leader of Akatsuki, is a tiny, adorable kitten. Unable to fight it, she returns to Naruto and tells him. Faced with this insurmountable evil, Naruto's mask of annoying Sueness shatters, and he becomes a decent character again. Just then, Sasuke returns, having found the one way to defeat the evil kitten: its good twin sister. Team 7 bands together to get the good kitten to a place where she can bring her evil twin back to goodness again, and then they adopt both kittens and become an adorable family together.

Scenario 2:
Through the machinations of Aizen (possibly dissatisfied that Grimmjow isn't as cuddly as he could be), Rukia is turned into a cute little kitten. Orihime senses that this little kitten is special and adopts her. Her love turns Rukia back into her normal form, and they have lots of cuddly sex. Then they adopt some real kittens.

Alternate Scenario 2:
Yoruichi returns with Soi Fong in tow and proceeds to cuddle her. Then she turns into her human form and has hot sex with her. The manga instantly becomes one million times better.

Scenario 3:
Rinali finds a stray kitten that has lost its home. Reminded of herself, she adopts the kitten--only to find out that it's actually Allen's guardian angel trapped in the form of a cat. She discovers that by combining Allen with the kitten and then hugging him, they can save the world.

Scenario 4:
Just before the Eclipse happens, a stray kitten leaps out of nowhere and starts cuddling Griffith. Faced with this kind of love, Griffith is unable to betray all his friends and loved ones. The kitten summons a bunch of fairies with its cuteness, and they all work together to heal Griffith. Griffith, Guts, and Casca live happily ever after--at least until they run into Farnese and Serpico and start having hot UST with them...

Scenario 5:
The camera pans out from the sad tableau of a dead kitten, killed by Marlo for meowing disrespectfully at him. The ending music plays and the last shot fades to black.

...okay, that last one didn't work so well. Omar will rescue the next kitten, I'm sure.

Next on the agenda: getting my iPod, watching more Avatar, finishing Season 4 of the Wire, making more icons. But mostly, napping.
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