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I. The bat is safely outside.

When I got home from work, I went to check up on it and could not find it anywhere in the room I had closed it in. Eventually I gave up, slipped back out, and closed the door again.

Fast forward to later that night, when I walk by that door, glance at it, and see the bat asleep, hanging off the sill at the top. Somehow, it slipped out of the room. Maybe it was small enough to wiggle out beneath the door.

Anyway, Mom (who was deeply unhappy to learn of the bat's presence in the first place) wigs out, grabs a broom, and prepares to beat it to death. Instead, I ask her to get me a shoebox. She gets me said shoebox, along with a stepstool. I climb up onto the stepstool, remark on how cute the bat is (to my mother's disgust), and slowly, carefully scoop it into the shoebox. I can see its tiny claws hanging onto the edge of the box.

Then I take the closed shoebox downstairs and outside, where I remove the lid. The bat still seems mostly asleep, but now it's waking up enough to twitch its head slowly from side to side to take in its new environment. So cute, eeee, all spindly fuzzy wings and tiny pointy ears.

I leave it there for a few minutes, and when I come back to check on it, the box is empty--so I guess it was all right, just confused.

My mother later relays the events to my father over the phone, and his comment is that I "have bigger balls than [he] do[es]." Pfft. It was cute.

II. Got into polychromatic and proceeded to make my entrance post. It's currently at 131 comments, WTF. LJ RP moves faster than I expected. It will be Difficult balancing it.

But it's been fun! I cracked the fuck up when Omar started nosing around about the City's drug culture, only to be told that he should ask Spider Jerusalem.

Apparently Spider Jerusalem lives next door to Raoul Duke, which makes it even better.

I'm already making horrible plans for when I apply for John there. Of course.

III. I am having a problem related to the above, though: namely, the need to keep a separate browser open to run Omar's LJ (blue_satin_pjs, for the record. Of course). This raises the question of what I'll do when I'm playing more LJ RP characters than I have browsers, but for now, I have another problem. Namely: Opera is pissing me the fuck off. Sometimes it just refuses to follow links when I click on them. Does anyone have any advice? Know any other browsers they can recommend? I normally use Firefox and am quite satisfied with it.

IV. Forgot to mention earlier: I watched "Appa's Lost Days" yesterday. Augh. Did I mention that "animals struggling to make their way in a world they don't properly understand" is about the surest thing ever to tug on my heartstrings?

Also, oh, Suki, I love you so. I have to say, it's impressive that even though she's a minor character who until then had no purpose other than being a love interest for Sokka, she still got to fight and be badass in her own right, not as an Obligatory Love Interest. This show is so respectful of its own characters. More fiction should follow that lead. You can't go wrong with treating your characters with care and respect.

Also, this episode reminds us of a bonus bit of personality that I'd forgotten: Suki is a leader. Not necessarily the best one ever, but a heartfelt and inspiring one, at least. That counts as personality, guys. It's kind of amazing how they fleshed her out so much given only three episodes. Sure, Zuko and the Gaang have a lot more depth, but they've had the entire show!

...I want Toph and Suki for myself. Screw Sokka. Except not, because he and Suki are just so damned perfect for each other, so I guess I'll just wait until Toph grows up and take her.

V. I still plan on getting to the "wacky fandom conspiracy theory" meme of my last post. If you haven't, comment there with a wacky fandom conspiracy theory!

Edit: VI. ☆ The Fanficcers Love Meme ☆

Tell me what's your favorite of my fanfics. Because I always like hearing feedback about my writing.
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