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I. My latest BPAL came today! It was my order of Earth Rat, Love's Philosophy, and Moon of Ice, all of which were varying degrees of decent on me, but none of which I'm in love with. I am in love with about half of the free imps that came with them; reviews will be posted shortly in my Epic BPAL Post.

II. More pertinent: this time my BPAL did not come with the obligatory imp of Midnight Kiss from the Shoujo Beat line. Instead, it came with a Shoujo Beat 2008 calendar. Now, I don't read any shoujo (although I've considered starting a few), but I know I have friends who do. So I've scanned some of the images.

Cover image. Looks like Honey & Clover to me, although it could be a mix.

Vampire Knight.

Crimson Hero.

Honey & Clover.

I have higher-res images if anyone needs them; this is just what would fit on Photobucket.

III. As a bonus: kitties from my tear-off calendar!

Friends4lyfe, awww.

The revenge of hoverkitty!

IV. All this scanning reminds me that I really should get around to scanning the rest of my favorite pages from the doujinshi I got at NYAF. Also, pages from my Fllay/Yzak doujinshi. I'll do it soon, really.

V. The scanning also reminds me that I've been considering making a bunch of cat icons. But where would I start? I have so many images!

I'm also making icons of pictures saved from here: Pictures on Walls. It's an interesting site.

VI. *fusses over roleplay*

Playing Omar at polychromatic is hard, you guys. He's not a main character, so I'm constantly having to speculate rather than rely on cold hard canon facts to figure out how he would react in all these new situations. I fear I may not be doing him justice! And this is very important. The Wire is serious business.


VII. A note for the fanfic writers on my friendslist who also happen to like FFVIII: prompt selection has begun for the Rinoa fic-a-thon. Go go go! I'm not sure which ones to claim yet, myself.
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