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fandom memes tiem

I don't really feel like saying anything useful here at the moment, so instead, a bunch of fannish memes! Yeah, I know, I haven't been answering these lately. I'll try this time, though!

I. Name a fandom and I'll provide five reasons why the character or characters I have a crush on/find attractive in that fandom would be a bad boyfriend or girlfriend in real life.

II. Name a fandom. I will provide one thing that I actively seek in fanfiction and/or fanart, and one thing that I can't stand to see. (I don't read much fanfiction, and some of my fandoms have very little fanart, so answers may be somewhat sketchy on this one.)

III. I've listed twenty of my favorite characters. Ask me questions about them (e.g. "If #8 and #19 went on a date, would it end well?") and see how many it takes before you can guess who's who. And yes, they are from fandoms all over the damned map.

Guessed so far:
5) Suki (Avatar) [molten_ghost]
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