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an old obsession + a belated meme

Yes, yes, I know, I have so many new things to watch--I shouldn't be getting back into old fandoms just because I've been hit with a profound urge to RP an old favorite character who I never did RP, ever, back when I was first super into him. Maybe I'm just desperately craving spy awesomeness.

But seriously. Garak would be so awesome on polychromatic. Especially if I could get someone to play a Bashir for me--but I digress. I've given in. I'm downloading the entirety of Deep Space 9 (see glorious torrent of win here) so that I can rewatch the relevant episodes, as well as first-watch those I failed to see before--including, shockingly, the allegedly awesome two-parter about the Cardassian attack on the Dominion. I was saving it so that I could better relish the awesomeness, you see, and then my stupid DVR randomly deleted it. Hate my stupid DVR. And then I never got around to watching my downloaded version.

I've also finally given in and ordered a used copy of A Stitch in Time. I am bitter that I had to shell out sixteen bucks for it, and am now going to have to wait who knows how long for it to arrive, thanks to the ineptitude of the postal service in failing to deliver cephiedvariable's original attempt to hook me up with it. Or was it something more sinister? Remarkably gay tie-in novels coming over the border from Canada are the least of your worries, Homeland Security!

Anyway, don't worry too much, as I also plan to start Gundam 00 tonight. I'd like to get through the first five episodes and make a reaction post on them, although that may be asking too much of myself. We'll see.

To make up for the lack of non-Star-Trek content in this entry, here is a belated meme. Some time back, dragonsquee picked five of my interests for me to explain. Here they are at last:

the second-oldest profession: Let's face it. You get a lot of things claiming to be the "second-oldest profession." Thanks to a Reagan quote, politics is up there pretty high these days...but if you filter out the noise, you'll notice that one of the most popular claims comes from espionage. And, you know, that's how it ought to be--hidden in the noise of other jokes and claims.

...yeah. I think spies are totally hot.

kill fandom with bomb: Most of the time, I prefer to get my daily dose of outrage from fandom, because it's better than getting it from real life and finding myself genuinely upset about things. However, sometimes it gets to be too much, and that's when this becomes my mantra.

being raped by miura: Offensive? You bet. But let's face it: Berserk wouldn't be Berserk without copious doses of rape and attempted rape. And that's not even getting into the soul-rape that is such things as the Eclipse, and Serpico and Farnese's backstories, and the upcoming tragedy that will rip apart Guts's new band of friends--

I'll probably remove this interest eventually, as I get more into feminist stuff on LJ and feel more guilty about it. But for now, it remains, a tribute to Miura's fondness for fictional violation.

hating hbo: I was bitter, okay? Very bitter. This one is gone now (especially as I realize it wasn't HBO's fault for cutting the final season short, but David Simon's fault for being arrogant enough to think he could cram the final season into ten and a half episodes). But I'm still a little bitter.

dukat did your mom: Because Gul Dukat did, in fact, do your mom. And you know what? She probably liked it. And even if she didn't, he still did her and claimed she did. Because he did everyone's mom. It's only the truth.

On a more serious note, Dukat is one of my favorite villains ever. He manages to be so evil while still being believable, and the fact that he goes through a phase of almost-redemption and then gets it snatched away from him only makes it more compelling.

God, I love Cardassians.

the fool: Only my favorite mythic archetype ever. This is probably a result of having my tender adolescent psyche violated--I mean gently molded by the introduction of John Constantine. Or maybe it's the reason I loved him so much (and still do). Probably a combination of the two.

Anyway, long story short, trickster figures are awesome, until they accidentally (?) destroy the world. And then they're kind of sort of sorry. Maybe. Depending on where they are on the creator/transformer/destroyer continuum.

the princess bride: One of my favorite books and movies ever. It helps that I saw the movie first--if I'd read the book first, I might not have liked the movie as much, because by necessity it had to cut out a lot. But it stayed far truer to the spirit of the book than most. To get back onto the subject: I love love love this story. It says so much about why fiction is different than reality, and why we need it, and why it's okay to want stories with happy endings, and it does so in such a creative way. And even as it's being all twisty and literary and full of devious layers, it's still a delightful read and so much fun.

Feel free to ask me to explain more, or to ask me to pick some of yours for you to explain.
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