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the point of this post is mostly begging for writing help

So the other day, I found out that yellowjackets are actually wasps. Well, shit--I'd always thought they were bees. Suddenly everything was a lot clearer: bees are fuzzy cute flying lumps that help flowers out and only sting when cornered, and wasps are bastards who will hurt you, then fly away cackling gleefully.

If only most things in life were that simple.

I need links to name generators. Good ones. I used to have some nice ones, but they vanished from my bookmarks and I'm too lazy to look them up again. Plus, I'm hoping my friendslist might introduce me to some all-new shinies.

I also need suggestions for how to make fantasy maps. Downloadable programs? AutoREALM is more frustrating than I remember it being. Techniques that can be applied to Photoshop? I'm all ears.

I'm still working on worldbuilding, I've just...hit a slow spot. It sucks. I have a surprising amount of plot and character, but only a handful of names--one character name and one city/empire name.

I'm also once again feeling the urge to work on this idea. It is rather more Literary and Serious than the morphworld, but it appeals to me as well. Hmm. I'm not sure what to do about that. Maybe flip between them as the mood takes me? We'll see.

Despite my (possibly hormonally-induced) low mood much of today, in some ways it has been good to me. My Chi charms arrived, and they are ridiculously cute. Plus, I watched one of the Mythbusters episodes I had recorded, and while it turned out to be in part a clip show (boo), it also involved Kari in a bikini being painted silver all over. I think I need to find a screencap to be my new desktop wallpaper.
Tags: chi's sweet home, mythbusters, science, writing

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