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Gundam 00, episodes 1-5

For this show, I'm going to do a reduced version of the babble I used to do on Code Geass and Romeo x Juliet, posting every five episodes until I'm caught up. Then, hopefully, I'll do the full version when the next season starts.

Episode 1
--Okay, so I lost my notes from episode 1 because of a) failing to save and b) blackout. Here's my best attempt to reconstruct them:
--The introduction is pretty standard Gundam from my admittedly limited experience, but tiny Setsuna already being a child soldier when he first runs into a (dramatic music) GUNDAM is an interesting twist.
--Patrick is win and I already heart him. I mean, I can enjoy the ace archetype in Gundam well enough when it's played straight (see: Mwu), but when it is entirely for the lulz? Extra win.
--I can't entirely follow the politics, but that's par for the course. I r dumb.
--Billy and Graham kind of radiate gay at each other even in the most basic interactions. I'm not shipping or anything, since they've only had a few minutes of screentime, after all, but...yeah. They just do.
--Lockon cracks me up. He is supposed to be all manly and badass and stuff, but he's accompanied by a giant orange Haro and voiced by Miki Shinichirou? Hee hee hee.

Episode 2
--I still think Graham is pretty damned cool. And I am now actively resisting the urge to ship him with Billy whenever they appear on screen. What the hell, self, they've barely done anything yet.
--Have I mentioned that I really like the female character designs in this? Don't know enough yet to render my verdict on the actual characters, mind you, other than that I really wish there were female Gundam pilots.
--I still snicker every time Allelujah says his name. Sorry.
--Okay, what is with that Haro?
--I'm buying the ethical conflicts pretty well. Then again, so long as they give me good character development, I tend not to question the basic premises of Gundam series too much.
--Admittedly, there is some typical Gundam lulz to be had from the fact that they think it's a good idea to make a traumatized child soldier into one of their elite world-saving pilots. Heh. It's interesting that the other characters question this, though.
--..."the man whose heart your existence has stolen." Graham is kind of amazing.

Episode 3
--It seems a bit much to do the "DON'T TOUCH ME!" freakout when the guy only grabbed your robot with his robot. Setsuna has Issues.
--Yay, lightsaber! Oh, sorry, beam saber.
--Uh, so, I've heard that one of the fansubbing groups did a crappy job and put in lots of yaoi bait dialogue where they shouldn't be any. That wasn't Conclave-Mendoi, was it? Because that's the one I'm watching, and man, the way Graham talks about Exia...not that I want to ship them or anything, I just think it's hilarious, if it is a correct translation. It makes me love Graham even more.
--Saji and Louise being awkward dorks at each other is cute, but I'd like to see them have more plot relevance.
--Augh, too many characters to keep up with. Hopefully it'll get easier as the show develops.
--I continue to love Graham's insistence on using romantic language to talk about the Gundams. I really hope that's the correct translation.
--Awww, sad honorable Lockon in mecha. Er. Or something like that.

Episode 4
--Oh hay, it's the obligatory princess. She's cute, at least, even if the suspension of disbelief required to believe that a Parliament would put a young princess into power to solve all their problems is...rather different than the suspension of disbelief the show has required so far. (See, I have no problem with shows that ask a lot of suspension of disbelief. I just like the level required to be more or less consistent.)
--Yay, a badass-looking female pilot! I really hope she lives up to that appearance. Fingers crossed!
--Aww, angsty loner Setsuna. I admit I'm intrigued by the faint implications so far that Celestial Being deliberately picked a damaged young man to pilot Exia, and I'm looking forward to where that's going.
--Disturbing flashback is disturbing, but what's even more creepy is Setsuna's utter lack of reaction.
--The politics are getting interesting--the idea that rogue nations would try to exploit a group like Celestial Being is a neat avenue to explore.
--The princess's assistant seems a lot more competent than she herself is. Heh. I wonder if that's going to be addressed later.
--I would like to add here that it cracks me up that the random sparkly things are actually a major technical point in this series.
--That Celestial Being attacked Taribia rather than the Union was expected, but I'm kind of dubious about the logic they used to justify it. A probable dictatorship seceding from the bloc that helped it get the energy and transportation it needed, knowing full well that there would be reprisal, might seem easy enough to label as "war-inciting," but what about when it's less clear?
--Not to mention the inevitable result: the status quo is protected. If a country ever has a real reason to secede, what then? I'm also dubious that the Union would promptly return to defending Taribia at this point, especially knowing that their own forces are likely to suffer major losses against the Gundams. I suppose it makes sense if you remember the country's strategic importance in being near the orbital elevator.
--Or, uh, the explanation given by canon. I guess they are trying to cover all their bases with the politics here.

Episode 5
--I, uh, probably shouldn't ship Shirin/Marina, should I.
--You know, normally I like the princess character--she's an expression of female power, even if it's limited and stereotypical, and it's fun to watch her be girly and badass. Sort of the feminine version of gar, if you will. But Marina seems...somewhat at odds with the rest of this series. Not that I'm going to run around bashing her--I suspect the fandom does enough of that--but I'm hoping to see her get developed to fit with it better in the future. Especially since the OP is beating the Setsuna/Marina drum.
--...ahahaha. Soma can has nanomachines.
--Oh jeez, the one girl pilot gets a bright pink mecha? Uhhh.
--Oh snap, Newtype flash! And it's because of Allelujah? Hmmm.
--Whee, childhood trauma flashback. And the first appearance of the mysterious other personality I've heard spoilers about.
--Man, all of the Gundam Meisters except Lockon seem to be dysfunctional in some way. Setsuna is a child soldier with PTSD, Allelujah has PTSD of his own, and Tieria is a grumpy social retard. I like it, of course.

Edit: Anyone know where I can get MP3s of the OP and ED?
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