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Gundam 00, episodes 6-10

So yeah, this is getting pretty awesome.

Episode 6
--Boring AEU politics are boring. Needs more Patrick lulz.
--So one of their Meisters breaks down and they toss him in a rubber room for a week? Oh yeah, that's totally going to help his issues. Unless, of course, the whole point is to keep his issues going.
--More and more I am wondering just why Marina got put into place as queen. It doesn't seem like this series to not explain something like that.
--Yay, Patrick is back! Hee hee hee.
--Ooh, past history between Billy and Sumeragi? Dammit, this is getting hard to follow. It is interesting, though.
--I admit, Celestial Being's predictability is getting a little old. Hopefully they'll mix things up soon.
--I love Patrick's crazy "YAY GUNDAM 8D" face. So much.
--Er. For a strategic planner of vital missions or whatever she is (I'm just thinking of her as the Murrue figure for now), Sumeragi is wearing an awfully low-cut dress during this key mission.
--Oh hey, some delicious past angst for Setsuna. Ali Al-Saachez annoyed me before because he looked too much like a more rugged Patrick and therefore confused me, but if he's going to give Setsuna interesting angst, I'm all for him.

Episode 7
--Oh noes, it's more of tiny angsty Setsuna.
--Is Setsuna going into the 00 equivalent of SEED mode? No, I guess not, but it certainly looked like it for a moment. I guess he just snapped.
--See, Celestial Being, this is what happens when you employ kids with PTSD!
--I have to admit, the Gundams in this show are pretty damn cool. And sparkly!
--Oh, Tieria is just so charming.
--I wish I could get a better idea of the place of the various Ptolemaios ladies--Liu Mei, Sumeragi, Feldt, and Girl Who Looks Like Shirley From Code Geass Christina--in the hierarchy of Celestial Being. I like them, but it's hard to figure out what they're supposed to be doing, other than a general "planning the missions and taking orders from a mysterious thing called 'Veda.'"
--Also, Sumeragi's boobs were seriously distracting this mission.
--Billy is clever. I am starting to ♥ him.
--I'm also not entirely sure where it is that Saji and Louise are supposed to be. So many details to keep up with.
--Oh, they are piling on the moral conflict extra thick by this point.
--Man, they could not telegraph "VILLAIN" more clearly with Ali, could they?
--Okay, the scene on the beach? This is where the Meisters start to get shippy to my disturbed, fandom-warped brain. Not that I've settled on any ships yet, but suddenly the potential is there for Lockon/Setsuna, Lockon/Tieria, and Tieria/Setsuna.
--Aaaand I about died at Haro's arrival on the scene. Lest we needed a reminder that Lockon/Haro is the true OTP.
--Is it just me, or does Sumeragi drink a lot?
--Oh, okay, Saji and Louise are in Tokyo.
--...and always at the scene of some disaster, too.
--Ah, and we finally have a Big Bad.
--Tieria, still so charming!

Episode 8
--Having the mysterious terrorists claim to be totally not evil and the voice of the people sure is a good way to make them seem evil.
--Oh, is that tiny Lockon? So cute and traumatized! And yet he's still much, much better-adjusted than the other three Meisters.
--Liu Mei has a pink air limo? Man, she's more of a Relena than Marina is. And I say this in the kindest possible way--I love Relena.
--Sumeragi's character design is so very pretty. Even if her boobs are seriously distracting.
--You know, it would be nice to start getting some more hints about just who this "Veda" is.
--Aww, Feldt is kind of cute, with her slightly vacant-eyed obsession with things electronic and mechanical. Especially when she's around Haro.
--I really want more information on Shirin and Marina's relationship--just what exactly Shirin's job is (other than Marina's assistant, I guess) and why she's so much more knowledgeable than the princess herself. Okay, so maybe that's just because I want to ship them.
--This series seems to be focusing on the innocents harmed by war when it comes to its ethical dilemmas. Of course, there's still a lot of ground to cover, so it could change its focus later.
--So Setsuna is in Scotland (angsting about his child soldier past, of course). Is this how he meets Marina?
--Yeah, the show is definitely setting up for something Setsuna/Marina, although just how explicit they'll make it is anyone's guess (mine says: not very). I'm okay with it so long as we get some growth out of both of them, especially Marina.
--Smooth move, Setsuna. Now the police are poking at you.
--Oh, Setsuna, you're even more charming and friendly than Tieria! Impressive!
--Marina sounds...lonely. Aww. Still, she keeps striking me as out of place in this particular Gundam without a lot of development. To be honest, she also doesn't seem to have much personality yet beyond being the naive young princess--Relena had her loneliness, her spoiled behavior, her obsessiveness, her determination, and her drama queen tendencies from very early on, and I loved her for it. Marina...? I'm really hoping for some development.
--And Marina puts her finger on what seems to me like the main issue with Celestial Being: their interventions are too arbitrary. They don't bother trying to determine who's justified and who isn't--they just go after whoever breaks out the military force or incites war.
--Once again, this is why you don't employ traumatized child soldiers in your secret paramilitary organization. They spill their identities to the first earnest young princess from near their home country that comes along!
--It's kind of neat the way the different government and military bodies keep using and exploiting each other.
--Oh noes Setsuna, it was a trap. And not the Tieria kind, either.
--The ability of the Gundams to annihilate everything in their path, while fun at first, is getting old. I understand they have to save the real battles for later, but...c'mon! I wanna see more of the aces!

Episode 9
--There Lockon goes, radiating sexy even in his angst. Setsuna could learn a thing or two from him. At least once he's less pedo.
--Wait, it's not Lockon? He has a twin brother? Or was the one behind the tree the twin brother? I DON'T KNOW BUT IT'S PRETTY AWESOME.
--More Haros! They're taking over!
--So Sumeragi's official position is "strategic analyst"? Hmm.
--Louise being all dramatic at Saji is cute this time. I know it should be annoying, but she treats it in such a melodramatic way that I can't help but be amused.
--Yay for Kinue being all clever and self-reliant and determined to get at the truth even though she's only a reporter!
--The UN is still around, despite all these power blocs? Hmm. Not sure exactly what it'd do in this future. Speaking of which, I'm kind of dubious about the way the power blocs are delineated entirely by geography rather than shared history--but eh, even if 00 tries to be a more "realistic" Gundam series, it's still Gundam. Not a big deal.
--Oh, so that's what Alejandro Corner is--a UN representative. Or...something. I haven't been able to figure out just who he is or what he does.
--Awww, Feldt is gay for--er, straight for Lockon too. Everyone wants Lockon.
--Ahaha, Christina trying to eat with the social retards = hilarious.
--Wait, so Celestial Being really has been going on for centuries, like the stuff about Aeolia Schenberg would imply? How have they hidden for so long?
--Augh, Lockon and Feldt are so cute. I'm not sure if I want to ship it or think of him as an older brother figure/family stand-in for her, but they're cute either way.
--And he tells her his past, too. So cute. D:
--I think I'll probably see them as a brother-sister thing (although maybe Feldt gets a crush on him? I don't know), but they are so damn cute and touching that way.
--It's pretty satisfying to finally see one of the other parties besides Celestial Being score some measure of success.
--...the Russian general is Sergei Smirnov? Ow.
--Feldt repeating Lockon's "live on" right there is...pretty touching, actually.
--Awww, now even Sumeragi has angst. Although it seems to be of the "blaming herself for a tragic mistake in the past even though everyone screws up sometimes, c'mon" variety.
--And there's the Newtype flash again! I love it. It's probably a holdover from my love of Mwu.

Episode 10
--Yay! More conflict, and possible Allelujah/Soma interaction! I have my fingers crossed for it, anyway.
--You know, it occurs to me that Soma doesn't have much personality either, but...her lack of personality is a part of her personality, if that makes any sense? Sort of like Setsuna. In any case, I still like her, if only because she's the only freaking girl pilot. Dammit, Gundam.
--The Tieren Taozi is actually firing bullets, not lasers? That's...retro. And pretty cool. What is this with me starting to actually find the mecha in mecha anime interesting?
--Soma doing a battle yell: awesome.
--Huh, so Tieria can activate some weird psychic thing as well? OH SHIT HERE IT COMES!
--Fuck yes, TRANNY GUNDAM! And he has rainbow eyes while in this mode, too!
--...although I'd really like to know why it has floaty hair. Isn't that kind of...awkward?
--Tieria having a hysterical freakout over a change of plans is pretty interesting. He definitely has issues.
--"Ore wa...! Boku wa...! Watashi wa...!" Perhaps Tieria's obsession with plans and rules and being an emotionless battlebot stems in part from a desire to cover up his gender issues? Okay, so maybe it's a little premature for me to be making calls on the characters' inner motivations like that, but I can't help it, it's neat.
--Aww, no Allelujah/Soma interaction for now, but hopefully there will be some later. I would be terribly disappointed otherwise.
--Yay! Allelujah/Soma interaction, even if it's from inside their suits! With more stuff possibly being revealed about how Newtypes function in this Gundam!
--Crazy Allelujah time!, Allelujah, I imagine she's actually slightly saner than you. Considering she's a near-emotionless designer baby raised to be a fighting machine, that's saying something.
--Man, Allelujah may actually be the most messed up of all the Meisters. Which is odd because he's the one who interests me the least (although after this episode he interests me more). Still, that's quite a feat, all things considered.
--Allelujah's breakdown in his cockpit after he regains control of his body is surprisingly heartbreaking, considering I had trouble mustering much interest in him before this episode.
--I love that even though Celestial Being won this fight, and the HRL retreated without achieving any of its goals, there's still a sense of utter devastation afterwards for both Allelujah and Tieria--and even Sumeragi too.
--Wait, so Alejandro is involved with Celestial Being as well? I must have missed that the first time--so much stuff to keep up with here.

And now I offer up some icons. They are, of course, free to use, although I like getting credit.

I'm not actually that happy with the "everyone is gay for Lockon" icon, but there needs to be one, so it'll have to do for now.
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