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Gundam 00, episodes 11-15

So I'm more than halfway done with the first season. Oh noes, I should probably slow down. Except I totally won't.

Episode 11
--Multi-variation photons? What delicious technobabble. All this and space elevators too! (Yes, I know space elevators are a real technical idea. That's what makes their usage here so awesome.)
--Looks like Eifman's on the verge of figuring out that the Gundams have their own solar energy generators, or whatever the hell it is that they have. I don't know, I'm not the engineer here.
--I'm really starting to wish that they'd do more to address the fact that this Aeolia Schenberg guy's been dead for centuries, yet seems to have had plans for stuff that's going down now. Er, that is to say, three hundred years from now. Yeah.
--You can stop being a douchebag now, Tieria. Sumeragi already beats herself up enough over past guilt. Not, admittedly, that he could know that...but it's sad/amusing how fast he goes from angsting hysterically to blaming someone else.
--I kind of love how she just smiles and says that hey, sometimes people make mistakes, even though she was all broken up about it just last episode. It's awesome--in the fucked-up way, of course--how everyone in this screwy crew is hiding their angst.
--And once again, Lockon is everyone's protective big brother, even Sumeragi's...and once again, it requires him to pick on Tieria. No, I'm not shipping yet, but it is getting to be an interesting dynamic.
--Hee. On the other hand, Lockon did call Tieria's Serious Business attitude "cute." That said, at this point it'd take a lot for me to ship him mutually with anybody--he seems too determined to lock himself into the protective big brother role, offering comfort but not connection, not giving himself a chance to form romantic feelings for anyone. Perhaps as penance for some old sins and angst?
--"Disposed"? Uh wow, no wonder Allelujah hates you guys.
--Of course poor Sergei is too honorable to learn about this, though. I have a feeling that if he bites it, it's going to be at the hands of his own country rather than Celestial Being. It's a General Leo thing.
--Huh, Hallelujah seems to have a different eye color than Allelujah as well as differently-parted hair. Also, why do I get the feeling that there's a lot of crazy, physically impossible slash of them? (Later addition: Now that I've looked at fanart...yup, I've seen the physically impossible slash.)
--Is Hallelujah referring to his other self as "Allelujah-sama"? That makes it even creepier.
--As much as Marina bores me, the Azadistan scenes are worth it for Shirin and her cleverness.
--I get the impression she doesn't believe Alejandro, either.
--Yeah, I'm definitely not imagining Sumeragi's drinking habit now.
--...Kinue is chasing the NSA?
--Okay, so Kinue's getting pretty cool. Yay badass reporters!
--So, uh, Tieria's rainbow-eyed tranny power also makes him psychic? Weird. But I look forward to learning more. Also: RAINBOW-EYED TRANNY POWER.
--Hey, Kinue also looks pretty damn cool in her trenchcoat.
--Er, if Allelujah gets painful Newtype flashes whenever he's around other "quantum brainwave" people, how did he get by when he was a tiny and around them all the time? I guess it must have really sucked. No surprise there. But the fact that his appearance is triggering a change in the other Newtype kids, rather than this being their default state, suggests that there's something special there that only he can trigger.
--Allelujah asking Sumeragi if he can have a drink too = :'(

Episode 12
--Ooh, Muslims being fundamentalist terrorists! Creative. Not that I really blame the show--they're experimenting with making Gundam more Relevant To Real Life Issues rather than just a generic exploration of war, it seems. It's just...somewhat predictable.
--I also don't find it remotely realistic that it took us two and a half centuries to wean off of fossil fuels and yet we survived without running out of oil or experiencing civilization-destroying global warming--but hey, it's Gundam. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief. (Also, having discussed this with asterphage, I've discovered that apparently there are background materials discussing an intermediate nuclear-powered phase? That I can buy more easily.)
--Hmm, so maybe the real reason someone as naive as Marina was appointed as princess was so that she could be manipulated as figurehead and to reduce the assassination risk for the other political figures?
--Mmm, I love Shirin's character design. I don't know why. Something about the wavy hair and the glasses and that dress.
--Augh, I really want to know how Alejandro is connected to Celestial Being. Yeah, I stumbled onto some spoilers on TVTropes, but I managed to back out before I learned too much.
--Dammit, Louise and Saji are just so mindlessly cute together. I keep feeling like I should be annoyed by them, and occasionally they do verge on crossing the line, but...d'aww.
--Hee hee, Louise and her mother are both drama queens.
--I'm beginning to sympathize with Marina--she obviously wants to help and do good for her people, but the show is making it more and more clear that she's desperately out of her depths and doesn't have nearly as much power as she thinks she does. Shirin's existence--as someone very much aware of Marina's position's limitations--also helps. Also, they're hot together. Shut up, I can be shallow too.
--Aww, Setsuna is so cute in a little turban.
--And Graham continues to be gay for Gundam.
--Marina's earnest belief that she is responsible for more than she really is--that she's more than a figurehead--is kind of a sad and touching. I'm hoping that the show will eventually allow her to transcend that and have real power. That would be pretty cool.
--Fuck yes, Shirin encouraging Marina to pull herself together and have hope for her people. *shipshipship* Dammit, allow me my delusions!
--"I can't become a Gundam." Setsuna's last words in this episode, baww. It's a reference to a later plot point (from the spoilers I've stumbled onto) and a thematic commentary and a summary of some of his issues.

Episode 13
--Man, now this is a show that has equal fanservice for both guys and girls. Lockon's always wearing suspiciously tight shirts.
--So Graham is not only gay for Gundam, but also super-perceptive? He's like some kind of robosexual superhero!
--The interaction here between Graham and Setsuna is pretty awesome. Not in a shippy sense (sorry, Graham is only for Gundam! and maybe Billy), although I'm sure there are fans who see it that way, because there always are, but in the sense of two soldiers dancing around each other but nevertheless recognizing that they're both soldiers.
--It looks like Marina is finally confronting her powerlessness. Hopefully this will lead to character growth.
--Notably, Shirin does not correct her when she admits that she's powerless.
--Wow, an assassin can just walk in like that? Although considering she promptly gets shot by Marina's bodyguards, I guess it's not that big a problem.
--Oh man, Shirin's face when Marina gets all traumatized.
--Traumatized Marina is actually somewhat interesting--hopefully it will spur some character development.
--Hong Long . o O ( Oh no, I am in a little cockpit with the hot guy everyone wants a piece of! How will I maintain my heterosexuality?! )
--Yay, time for Setsuna to have some angst about his past while confronting Ali!
--Oh, was this where Setsuna's childhood missions were centered? That makes it even more poetic/disturbing.
--Ali casually going "oh, it is that Kurdish boy" after all is somewhat disappointing...but that may be part of the point. Part of the reason Ali is so awful because he doesn't even think of the children he manipulated as anything special--he did it to lots of kids.
--Yeah, that's definitely part of what makes this so terrible for Setsuna. "Answer me!" "Eh, why should I bother?"
--Oh, so Hong Long is bounding around in a cute little mask. I see time around Lockon did damage his heterosexuality. It was only to be expected.
--Marina starting to obsess over Setsuna really...isn't promising. Hopefully she'll take his advice and start fighting for what she believes in instead of putting all her faith in the Gundams.

Episode 14
--Oh, now you're reporting on scientists that went missing over the past two hundred years? It's nice to know we can trust the media!
--Yay, new OP!
--Oh God, Feldt asking Haro to help her identify the flowers is hopelessly cute.
--Awww, Lockon visiting Ireland. And that provides us with the opportunity for more flashbacks to tiny traumatized Lockon, too!
--Setsuna? Do someone a favor? I think you may be asking the wrong guy, Saji.
--A pilot referred to as "Alaska's Joshua"? Yeah, that sounds like a SEED reference to me.
--Yes! Patrick's tamer who I've heard so much about is here! This is going to be awesome.
--Have I mentioned how much I love Patrick? Because...I totally do.
--...Saji brought Setsuna in to help comfort Louise? Awkward.
--Tieria, acting so surprised that a supercomputer can't predict human beings.
--I wonder if Billy and Eifman think that Sumeragi is even more haunted by her past mistakes than she really is? After all, they don't know that she's moved on to become tactical commander of Celestial Being (oh, the delicious dramatic irony).
--Tieria seems to have a bit more authority and information access than the other Meisters...? Or maybe I'm just imagining it.
--Great, now Setsuna's a stalker.
--I wonder what exactly the word they're translating as "misguided" is, and what its connotations are.
--Dammit, now that he's shaved off his beard, Ali's character design looks even more like Patrick's. This is going to annoy me.

Episode 15
--Okay, now that's annoying behavior on Louise's part. Sheesh.
--"I will turn you into a man"? Hahaha yes.
--Man, if the HRL can adapt Soma's Tieren in order to keep Allelujah's brainwaves from hurting her, why can't Celestial Being do the same thing for him?
--Oh, (H)allelujah asking for her name is pretty awesome. I think I will admit it: the two of them are my crazyship. I don't care where canon goes with them, so long as it explores their interaction, but the prospect of them being freaks at each other will always excite me.
--Also, just look at the Tieren Taozi standing over Kyrios like that. She so tops.
--Hallelujah's such a jerk to his other self. D: I mean, really!
--I love Patrick's "MAKE KATIE PROUD! :D" face.
--Fifteen hours since the battle started? Ouch. Yeah, that's not easy to endure. I wonder if there's going to be a running theme here of how the humanity of the Meisters trips up Celestial Being's plans? Who am I kidding, that theme's been running for a while now.
--Patrick's crazy "YAY GUNDAM! 8D" face is still the best damn thing ever. In fact, Patrick's faces in general are pretty goddamn awesome.
--For that matter, looking at Tieria's face now...I'd have to say expressions are one of the things the animation in this show handles best.
--How many fanboys and fangirls would kill to hear Lockon say "my fingertips are going numb" in another situation?
--Wow, Graham wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to embrace the Gundam.
--Just as I thought--Setsuna's turn to run into his archnemesis.
--That spider thing Ali's Enact is in? That is awesome.
--I really hate to say it, because normally I totally groove on pairings like that, but Setsuna/Marina still leaves me cold. Maybe it's because of the lack of development Marina's gotten? I don't know.
--Awww, poor Setsuna. So tragic and traumatized and angsty.
--Oh snap! Once again he is saved by a Gundam descending like a god from above! Is that Gundam 00? Hmm!
--Oh, no, if the previews are anything to go by, it's one of the Trinity kids' Gundams. Yay, new crazies! The crazies are the best part of this show.

And now that I've started poking about the japanwebs for this show, a couple of fanart sites:

あまりないスマイル (Amari nai Smile) -- Mostly Marina/Setsuna (yes, generally in that order), but also, and this is why I care, some weird but well-drawn Shirin/Marina. There is some weird fetish fuel, though.

Arch -- Lockon/Feldt; also Code Geass and a bit of Shinn/Stellar and Dearka/Miriallia. This is a shippy site, and there are some images that are a bit too smutty (if only mildly so) or romantic for my taste, but there are many more images that just perfectly capture the Haro Family Unit (yes, that is what I'm going to call them from now on) dynamic that charms me so much.

I would like to add that it is damned hard to find decent fanart for this series--I don't know whether it's due to a lack of good artists or if Gundam 00 Search is simply poorly constructed, but it's a pain in the ass. I found that Lockon/Feldt site on the last of eight pages of results for the pairing, and damn near all the rest were crap. And I've barely found any Allelujah/Soma that satisfies me yet.
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