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Gundam 00, episodes 16-20

The length on my commentary for episode 20 here? That's about the average length of what my single-episode commentaries will be when the second season starts airing.

Episodes 16-20Collapse )

This time, as far as fanart goes, I bring a handful of Trinity sites.

想 (Sou) -- Trinity kids, Hallelujah/Allelujah. I would say that you'd be surprised at how much of the latter there is in fandom, but I suspect that most of you saw it coming. Fandom is predictable sometimes. Anyway, this site is still really pretty and often disturbingly cute when depicting the Trinity siblings. There's also a handful of adorable pictures of the Meisters.

limit -- Lockon/Tieria, Trinity kids. Also includes some cute gen of the Meisters.

Mixer -- Setsuna/Nena, gen. Really pretty, appealing art, especially of Nena, as well as some great crack.
Tags: anime post, fanart, gundam 00, links

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