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I was just lying in bed angsting about how my new computer wouldn't even ship until tomorrow, when my father yells, "Your computer is here!"

It is a thing of beauty. I will now be immersing myself in attempting to reconstruct all my old stuff on it. This shouldn't be hard for all the anime and TV and comics and music I have on my external HDs, but getting some programs back into place might be tough. I'm not sure how to get City of Heroes back--I didn't buy a hard copy, I paid to download it. And man, am I ever looking forward to playing City of Heroes with all the graphics cranked up.

My copy of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords also arrived a couple days ago. I've heard that there's a new patch by Team Gizka out that replaces most of the content that was cut due to deadline issues. Can anyone link me to where I can get that, and directions for how to install it?

Unrelated: my Nia application at paradisa got approved. Yay! Now I just need to get Photoshop installed on my new computer, make icons for her, set up her journal (unabandoned), and introduce her.

I'm also thinking of finally sitting down to rewatch and finish Gundam Wing. RPing Relena somewhere might be fun, and I'm on a Gundam kick anyway and I want a series with awesome girls. Contrary to fandom's popular belief, from what I've watched of GW, it totally qualifies. There was a secret on fandomsecrets a few days ago which made me go ♥: it was about how the girls of GW taught the secret-poster what feminism was before she knew the word.

Edit: My (awesome) old monitor does not properly hook up to my (awesome) new computer. Hm. This actually isn't too much of a tragedy--we needed to get my mother a new monitor anyway, and this way my father can use my old monitor and my mother can use his (which is perfectly serviceable, just not as awesome as mine). And because I am totally spoiled, I'm going out later today to get a new monitor. Anyone have recommendations for a monitor to go along with the XPS 6600? (I'll be looking it up anyway.)

Bride of Edit: New monitor get. It is twenty-two inches. The computer, for the record, has been named Virtue-Nadleeh. Because I am a weeaboo nerd.
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