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oh my eyes. no, literally.

I. So apparently there are no 3.5" drive enclosures in all of New Jersey. My father has ordered one from TigerDirect instead, and it should get here in a week. Fingers crossed that it will worked. I have a lot of stuff on that hard drive that I want to get back to writing...

II. ...including some of my morphworld ideas. I keep hashing out the political system of the Peraneidos Empire and it's just. Such a ridiculously convoluted result of infecting a feudal people with magic and then setting them loose to figure out how this affects their leadership structure. But considering the morphworld story is pretty much me indulging my overly-elaborate setting and character and pairing ideas nonstop, I guess that's okay. I am so ashamed. I am a big proponent of the "do not treat romance as something special or different from any other story element" school of thought that I enjoy so much in Avatar. But...the gleeful fangirl part of me wants to spend big chunks of the story weaving over-the-top epic romances. SIGH.

III. My new monitor--my glorious new 22" flatscreen monitor--is too good. I've been getting eyestrain headaches. But considering that it's been years since I had my eyes checked, I think I'll go do that before trashing the monitor. Maybe if I just need new glasses for this situation. But until then, I'm trying to resist spending too much time focusing too much on the computer screen...and failing. Failing hard. Why am I failing so hard, other than the usual? Well...

IV. Knights of the Old Republic II. It is awesome, and when it totally fails to have a real ending (as I have been warned it will), I will be devastated. The characters are just so damned awesome. I love how they handle and explore the fact that they're all desperately in love with your PC. I also probably shouldn't, but as much as I love Kreia, there's this sulky-thwarted-evil-overlord vibe to her that I find hilarious. She gets so cranky at the other party members.

I'm quite fond of the way "Influence gained: Kreia" serves to confirm that you just did something really manipulative. Also, her total lack of respect for personal mental boundaries. Your mind? Hers!

V. One of the things that has come up in my attempts to settle my RPing efforts has been...maybe my first attempt at RPing on sigillums should be a less elaborate character than Elly. I have another idea--an earnest dork with strange interests, awkward social skills, a history of bad dates, and Patrick from Gundam 00 as a PB--but I think I'd want to talk to some mods before actually going ahead and writing him up. Problem is, I can't find any contact information (aside from the email you're supposed to send your applications to), and while someone gave me an IM I used to contact them a while back, I'm not sure if it's still valid. Does anyone who knows sigillums at all know how to contact the mods?

VI. And now, for lack of anything better to do (I lie: I have a lot of better things to do, but I'm totally not feeling up to them at the moment), a meme.

Five fictional crushes. For each, five reasons it would never work out.

Omar Little (The Wire)
1) As much as I love hot fictional men, I'm kind of gay.
2) He's definitely gay.
3) I'm not so down with the "constantly on the run from the cops and other gangsters" thing. It would cut into my gaming time.
4) I'd be awful with a shotgun. He'd laugh at me a lot.
5) I don't think I can venture more than four blocks from the Baltimore Convention Center without fleeing back to my cosplay and my animu in terror. Baltimore is scary, you guys.

Lockon Stratos (Gundam 00)
1) My gay does not apply here, since I think every male in Gundam 00 other than Sergei is actually a girl, but I think he may actually be some variety of asexual.
2) The deathwish kind of puts a crimp in things.
3) The successful deathwish.
4) Tieria would kill me.
5) Lockon would always love Haro more than me.

Toph Bei Fong (Avatar)
1) Dude, she's twelve. She'll no doubt be hot when she's grown up, but it'll be a while. In the mean time...dude, no.
2) She'd track mud all over the house.
3) She's...let's be honest, here...kind of bratty. I'd probably wind up getting into fights with her like Katara does, and while that's totally hot and very shippable, it'd be a little exhausting in a relationship.
4) She would really wear the pants in any relationship. I'm cool with giving up control sometimes, but I'm not sure I could put up with that kind of forcefulness in the long term.
5) I'd wind up bailing her out of trouble too often--even dismissing all the times she managed to bail herself out.

Visas Marr (Knights of the Old Republic II)
1) Between Nihilous and the Exile, I'm not sure she has time to fall for anyone else.
2) As much of a switch as I am, I don't think I'm quite dominant enough for her.
3) I'm not sure sleeping with a Sith is really the best idea.
4) I'm not completely sure who it would be, but I suspect that even if she didn't kill me, someone else would.
5) I'd be too busy staring at her lips to actually do anything to her. Seriously, am I the only one?

Nia Teppelin (Gurren Lagann)
1) She is so OTP with Simon it hurts.
2) It would take way too much effort getting her to even realize I was interested. She's dense that way.
3) Her cooking would kill me before I could even get to first base.
4) The whole...fading out of existence thing. Yeah. ;_;
5) My tolerance for sparkles and shoujo bubbles is, I suspect, rather lower than Simon's. I would be overwhelmed before I could so much as say "Kamina is just as much of a Mary Sue."

VII. I want to catch up on Avatar so I can watch the final episodes with everybody. But my eyes hurt, and I want to watch Avatar of all things in relative comfort. Woe.
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