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The headaches have actually been getting worse. I could barely spend any time on the computer (at least, compared to my usual) today, and I didn't even bother booting up KotOR II. I'm starting to get nauseous from looking at the screen too much, too. I'm not even sure if this is just eyestrain or something else entirely, but I seem to feel better away from the computer.

I'll be making an appointment with the optometrist tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to get new glasses before I leave on vacation on Saturday--but I'm not sure. This post is mostly to say that I'll be pretty scarce. I can still poke around the MU*s occasionally, because I upped the font size on SimpleMU, but I don't think I could do a whole scene. If people on BNB ask, that's what's going on. I'd make hiatus posts at polychromatic and paradisa, but I feel like I monopolize the former's OOC community too much for hiatusing/unhiatusing anyway and, let's face it, not enough of the other players care enough to warrant it. The latter goes especially for paradisa, where I've only just shown up.

So that this post isn't totally me moping, here are some cute songs that I have decided are all about Simon/Nia. Bawww OTP.

Lifesize [A Fine Frenzy]
Another First Kiss [They Might Be Giants]

I think I'll read for a bit (for some reason that doesn't hurt nearly as much as hanging out at the computer), then maybe catch up on Avatar a little. I have both Day of Black Sun episodes recorded on the DVR, even if it seems Nick stubbornly refused to rerun the two episodes following it. Looks like I'll have to wait till I can tolerate the computer again to watch those.
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