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Funny how I've actually been posting to LJ more since my eye problems started. It's probably because I can't do much else on the computer, and at least with LJ I can peek in for a few minutes at a time, then look away again. This is why watching TV or anime on the computer is right out at the moment: I tend to focus pretty hard on that. Well, maybe when I'm using a smaller-screened laptop down at the shore, I'll be able to watch some stuff.

Here is a cute quote from my cat calendar:

"French novelist Alexandre Dumas considered himself to be the defense lawyer for stray cats. Not only was his own home filled with them, but along with other writers such as Baudelaire and de Maupassant he founded a group in the 1800s called the Feline Defense League."

And here is a link to a cute article about the perception of gender in Wall-E. S-stop making me ship robots. They're just too cute.

But the main reason I am making this post: I finally got my files back! Yay. Now I can at least start gathering up my notes again, even if I'm not feeling well enough to do much in the way of writing.

And finally, here is that meme:

Comment with a fandom and I'll tell you my:
One True Pairing Ship:
Canon Ship:
"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
"You are one sick bastard" Ship:
"I dabble a little" Ship:
"It's like a car crash" Ship:
"Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
"Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" Ship:
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:
"When all is said and done" Ship:

I'm feeling well enough that I should be able to answer it in the morning, after I've rested my eyes during the night. You guys know my fandoms, I think.
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