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sup beach

Leaving for the Jersey shore tomorrow. Coming back in a week, on August 2nd. Unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong, I will have internet access there, but considering the state of my eyes, I won't be using it as much as I otherwise might. When I do use it, I'll try to work on some fanfiction, my ridiculous application for sigillums, and maybe some meta.

(I saw an optometrist for a second opinion, and he somewhat more tactfully said that the guy I saw before was full of it. I have a prescription for two new pairs of glasses which I will be picking up after my vacation. How much they'll help, I don't know yet, but fingers crossed.)

Books that are coming with me
Y: The Last Man (volumes 1 and 2)
Petshop of Horrors (volumes 1-5)
The Android's Dream, by John Scalzi
Broken Angels, by Richard K. Morgan (second book in the Takeshi Kovacs series)
The Last Light of the Sun, by Guy Gavriel Kay

I want to bring Blade of the Immortal volumes 1-5, but I can't find them under all my stuff. Sadness. I'm sure they're here somewhere.
Tags: books, comic books, lists, rl

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