ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool


My father has the History channel on, and they just showed the most surreal ad for a new show.

It was a series of dramatic shots of toothy dinosaur mouths and splashes of blood, capped off with the following text:


I can't make this shit up.

In other news, I read the first volume of Y: The Last Man. It hasn't completely made up for the tired and oft-abused premise yet, but I'm interested enough to read more. I'm kind of cringing at how the villains are ridiculously over-the-top man-hating feminists, but in context it kind of makes sense. And Victoria is incredibly hot. I am shamed for thinking this, but she is. So is 355, for that matter.

I want to make icons. But, well, no Photoshop right now. In the meanwhile, I might watch some anime tonight. Depends on how my eyes are doing.
Tags: comic books, television, wtf

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