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Keanu as Spike Spiegel is just a rumor. Just a rumor. That is what I keep telling myself; I can only hope that it's true.

In less depressing news:

a) I finally pulled together and submitted another RP sample for Nia, this one taking place exclusively inside her head. Since I know I have other Nia and Simon/Nia fans on my friendslist, I will share it here, just so it's not entirely useless even if she gets rejected.

* * *

She remembered the moon, and not much else.

She remembered the moon, and bright lines spreading across her hands and arms; should she be shocked by that? She wasn't sure anymore. Somewhere else, many things were happening, but they were very far away. Outside her self, which was being controlled by something else. No, that wasn't right. She had no self anymore to control.


She didn't know where the voice came from, but something about it was familiar. Was it a young man she had once known? Was he real, or was she only imagining him? Did it matter?

You're real! You're you! You're Nia!

Nia. Was that her name? She didn't think she was supposed to have a name, but something about it felt right--especially coming in that voice. Nia it was, then--but who was he?

And suddenly she knew: he was Simon, and he was important to her.

A memory, then (what is a memory? Floating in nothingness, she wasn't sure, but she knew this one was important):

Simon, standing before her, holding out a ring. Telling her that he wanted them to become one person. Nia could feel the heat rising to her cheeks as he spoke, could feel her heart fluttering madly in her chest. Everything about being with him, about seeing him smile at her, that was perfectly right.

But his words were wrong. How silly they were! Two people couldn't become one. They would always be two people, separate, different. She smiled at him, because he made her so happy, and she told him, "Nope!"

Another memory, soon after:

Clutching a phone in one hand, not sure whether the emotion that gripped her was nervousness or excitement, Nia corrected her earlier mistake (and she knew now that it had been a mistake, even if the words still confused her): she told Simon that because they were different, they could be together. The ring glittered on her finger, and she thanked him for it. Her cheeks were hot again, but it felt right and true.

Something in her head stirred, and it murmured to her: That was all a lie. You were all a lie. The only truth is the Spiral Nemesis, and the measures we must take to stop it. And she realized she was looking out of eyes that were once hers, but had grown strange.

Maybe that was right. After all, it was a struggle to recall this Simon, and this Nia that he claimed was her. But recalling the details of the Human Extermination System was easy--

--and cold. It wasn't like when she thought of Simon. When she thought of Simon, her face flushed (or it had once) and her heart pounded, and she felt like her whole being was full of happiness. But was he real?

Somewhere in the distance, whatever had control of her lifted her hand, and she saw the ring. The same ring Simon had given her when he proposed marriage. And then she knew for sure. He was real. And that meant that Nia was real too. She was real. Whatever was telling her that she wasn't, she was stronger than it, and she knew that she was.

Joyous certainty spread out from her heart, wherever it was.

Keep believing in me, Simon, she called out into the darkness, knowing that she could trust him to do so. I promise I'll keep believing in you.

* * *

I hate the way fandom is so determined to mangle the themes of Gurren Lagann into "if you just try your hardest, anything is possible! ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!" when really they're so much more interesting. And Simon/Nia exemplifies them so beautifully. ♥

b) I found a torrent of Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Ze Moveeh. It's a hilarious, bizarre, and heartwarming story of a troubled gay hairdresser who moves away from his home in Manila to escape his broken heart, falls in love again, and...swallows a rock from outer space and becomes the badass, busty superheroine Zsazsa Zaturnnah, who then proceeds to fight giant frogs, zombies (who keep trying to tear her love interest's clothing off), and man-hating "Amazonistas" from Planet XXX. Yes, the completely random out-of-nowhere song numbers and terrible, terrible special effects are all part of the fun.

The torrent can be found here. The dialog is mostly Tagalog (with some random and bewildering English exceptions), with English subtitles. Enjoy.

I think I'm going to go watch more Princess Tutu now. I can clean up my room more tomorrow.
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