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Meme me.

Pick a Fandom and I will tell you:
1. Character I'm like
2. Character I'd want to be like
3. Character I'd hang out with
4. Favorite character
5. Character I'd go on a road trip with
6. Character I'd be best friends with
7. Character I hate
8. Character I would punch
9. Character I'd have sex with
10. Character I'd hate at first but then become close friends with
11. Character I would go to for advice
12. Character I would stay up all night talking to

Or I'll try, anyway. Some fandoms don't really have enough characters for such an extended meme. And you know me, I don't hate characters often.

In other news: today I discovered that Wil Wheaton reviews TNG for TV Squad. He's a little over halfway through the first season (which may be all he's doing, I'm not sure; it's certainly the most entertaining to snark at) and seems to be updating anywhere from twice a month to once every six months. In any case, his reviews are totally awesome.

I may be completely behind the rest of the internets in learning that this exists. I don't know.
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