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2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of five fictional characters whose name starts with that letter and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

paperclipchains gave me L.

1. Lockon Stratos (Gundam 00)

My favorite Gundam 00 character, because I am totally a sucker for characters who pretend to be the Normal One but are actually the most irreparably damaged of all. He has a deathwish! And pretty hair! And he is just in general charming and badass and hopelessly noble in all the right and wrong ways. And his relationship with Haro is the true OTP of the series. Toss in Feldt and you have the Haro Family Unit, which is the best thing ever.

I am, however, deeply unhappy about the shit that's going to go down relating to him in S2. I still maintain a little foolish hope that they'll be able to do something cool with it, but only a little. And yet I will keep watching, because...have you seen Nena's new design? Aw yeah. Okay, that and I'm kind of a little invested in the story by now. Dammit.

2. Laguna Loire (Final Fantasy VIII)

Laguna is completely adorkable. This is already a point in his favor. But the fact that he combines "adorkable" with "has tragedy in his past and has clearly been affected by it in subtle ways, but continues with his life" makes him just plain awesome. I also, as most of you already know, have a big thing for contrasts and contradictions within characters. Laguna has some really good ones: he's tragic yet content, dorky yet wise in his own way, silly and yet a charismatic leader.

Also, I really want to see him interact with Rinoa. So cute.

3. Londo Mollari (Babylon 5)

Take note: this is how you do a fall-and-redemption character arc right. Londo goes from hilarious to dark to tragic to just a little bit hopeful to tragic yet complete, and he's a wonderfully entertaining character the whole way. It's for his sake that I occasionally consider finishing this damned series (despite being a huge B5 fan, I've actually only watched seasons 2-4...someday perhaps I will remedy that).

Also, his chemistry with G'Kar was some of the best ever on television. I don't ship them, but I'm halfway convinced that JMS did.

4. Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED)

Lacus is sweet and innocent and kind of ditzy. And then she becomes sweet and thrown into the midst of a war and determined to find her way back to Kira's side and fix things. And I kind of love her for that--how she remains sweet but just gets fiercer and fiercer. Also, her relationship with Kira is so very pretty.

I just wish that Destiny had done more to explore her character--filled out her flaws and let her relationship with Kira develop more naturally. But I have long since learned that I should not expect anything good from Destiny.

5. Li Rinali (D.Gray-man)

Okay, so how her name is spelled varies. Most people don't put her surname first, but I do, because I'm...weird. But even if I didn't put her surname first, her name is officially spelled "Lenalee," so I'm good with putting her here.

I haven't read D.Gray-man in years. But even though Komui is my favorite character, it's for Rinali that I often consider catching up. I hear there's been some dubious stuff with her since I left off...but in the first ninety or so chapters, she had some brilliant moments. She fought for her friends as much as they fought for her. She literally kicked demon ass. And she had such gorgeous identity issues--the chapter where she hugs Allen and explains her worldview to him was just heartbreaking.

Please let her kick more ass, Hoshino? It's her true nature: being a beautiful badass who is not weak just because she cries a lot.

I came to a shocking realization the other day. I have only ever actually finished four anime: Witch Hunter Robin, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam SEED, and Gurren Lagann. Five, if you count FLCL, but that's only six episodes. And I have never finished a manga.

I should probably remedy this. I'll handle the manga situation later tonight or tomorrow by reading the last two volumes of Pet Shop of Horrors, at least.

I updated my excruciatingly long list of canons I want to get into. It has become daunting. I'm considering asking for recommendations of short anime and manga, but I don't think I can handle any more right now.

Meanwhile, I finished Velvet's book in Odin Sphere and started replaying the others, this time with the Japanese voices. So far I've gone through Cornelius's book (I decided to tackle that one first), and I liked him a lot more this time through. His Japanese voice wasn't in and of itself that much better than his English one, but somehow the added formality built into his speech helped drive home his character better. Also, it made him seem extra girly, which is good because I get to imagine Velvet totally topping him.
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