ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

A kitten [2] has arrived.

The black and white one is Portia; she's going to be my father's and my cat. The grey one is Cordelia and is going to be Mom's cat. They're sisters.

Portia is very, very kittenish; she spent all the time I had her in my arms scrambling around trying to climb places, and she spent all the ride home yelling at us and sticking her paws through the bars of the carrier. Cordelia is sweet and quiet and likes to snuggle peacefully.

They are about sixteen weeks old, and they are our new babies.

Edit: We're keeping them in the smaller upstairs bathroom until they've acclimated a bit, and unfortunately, the lighting in there is terrible, so we can't get much in the way of pictures. I did, however, get a couple.

Tags: mews
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