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Portia: Is compelled to climb anything that is currently higher than her head; favors human knuckles as teething aids
Cordelia: Is waging war against the shower curtain; favors her sister's collar as a teething aid
Both: Have very poor understanding of gravity; are nigh-on impossible to dislodge from one's lap

So at New York Anime Festival the other day, I finished reading Magic Knight Rayearth. Overall, I quite liked it. This is largely down to the three main characters being quite likable and often downright charming. Fuu was probably my favorite character, but I liked them all. And while I don't mind the canon pairings (aww, Fuu gets a prince), in my heart of hearts I will always ship Umi/Fuu. And I am quite happy that Hikaru/Lantis/Eagle is basically a canon OT3.

The twist at the end of the first half, of course, was completely awesome. Unf. But I wish I'd been better able to follow the action. I'm not sure how much of that was due to my own issues with visual stuff, how much was due to the fact that the panels had all been flipped, and how much was due to CLAMP's style. I might watch the anime to better follow it, but considering that has a very different plot, I'm not sure how helpful it'd be.

I think it really could have done with a couple more volumes; as enjoyable as it was, it felt very fast-paced, and several of the characters, while fun enough as they were, really could have used more development. But still, worth reading.

Also at NYAF, I picked up a free magazine that contained a prologue to the Soul Eater manga. I've heard a lot about it, but I've mostly dismissed it because I do not need another long-running shounen, complete with all the usual plot, pacing, and gender issues of shounen, to eat my brain. But I found it more interesting and enjoyable than I'd expected. The art is dynamic and fun, and most of all it's very creative-looking. The weird designs, along with the whole concept of people-as-weapons-as-people, were very engaging. I admit it, I'm a total sucker for cool weapons. And then there was a cat/catgirl!

Still, I have a lot of other stuff to read and watch, so unless I stumble on physical copies of volumes somewhere, it's a low priority.
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