ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool


So, I was going do hunker down and RP like crazy with Omar, have Nia start to react to Simon and Viral's drops (;___;), have John get involved with the gladiator curse by getting thrown into a fight with Supergirl (most hilarious matchup ever), post with Azula on lowerkeytowne, possibly have John return on Brave and the Bold...

...and then I was reminded that tonight is the night I go into the city to see Lewis Black live. On the one hand, fuck yeah. On the other hand, oops, there go my RP plans?

So, this post is mostly just to say sorry to anyone I had plans with, but Lewis Black takes precedence for a little while, and I'll move them to tomorrow.

As an apology, have some kittens. More pictures when I return.
Tags: rl, roleplay

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