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Gundam 00, episode 27.

--Oh, joy. It's the return of the notes that gg can't be bothered to edit out because they hate VLC so much. Oh,'s better than watching Nyoron's subs. And at least they're not character bashing this time.
--Mmm, Feldt so pretty. She had seriously better kick ass at some point during this season.
--Baww, Christina and Lichtendal in the OP. ;_;
--Oh, Setsuna, you're so good at breaking the bad news to family members!
--Your logic makes no sense, Setsuna. Not that I expect Setsuna-logic to make sense, and I'm fine with that, but why is Celestial Being giving their blessing to recruiting Lyle like this? Urgh.
--Yay, Kati! She looks even sexier and more badass.
--Gasp! Soma is quite clearly no longer a loli! And she's actually smiling a little and making an effort to talk to people--obviously the time with Sergei did her good.
--Oh God, Graham in his stupid mask lurking by the vending machine, as if he could possibly be inconspicuous. Must resist urge to LOL.
--Awww, Saji gets locked up to be traumatized, but at least he gets a Haro.
--So now that Celestial Being has achieved its goal of world peace via armed interventions, and the world peace achieved via armed interventions has, surprise, turned out to be orchestrated through martial law and secret mass murders, they're going to...resume armed interventions? They don't really have much of a plan, do they?
--Even Saji can see the flaw in this logic. And he's Saji.
--Oh, Sumeragi. She spent two years with Billy, though? Wonder what she was doing before then.
--Setsuna, really not subtle. It doesn't even occur to him that, oh, Billy just might be associated with the enemy.
--Oh. It does. He was just deliberately destroying Sumeragi's relationship in order to make sure she came away from it. Charming.
--Ooh, I wonder if we'll get an awesome showdown between Saji and Nena. That would be cool...although I'd really rather Louise be the one to kick ass and confront her issues.
--Setsuna wishes Mommy wouldn't drink so much. She gets depressed when she's drunk. :(
--I kind of want to smack Sumeragi at this point...but, well, she's definitely acting like a maudlin drunk. That much is believable.
--Ew, Lyle assuming the name Lockon. I know, I know, it was already made clear that he would, but it still annoys me.
--Lyle being associated with the Resistance has potential, though. Maybe there'll be awesome Shirin stuff!
--So today the Resistance--sorry, Kataron--is being Exposition Guys. I'm not too impressed.
--Didn't anyone teach whoever dressed Nena--presumably Wang Liu Mei--that purple clashes with red? Honestly.
--I'm not sure that scene with Regene and Ribbons had much purpose other than upping the homo quotient by a million. I mean...rainbow-eyed androids wearing that.
--I am still getting the sinking feeling that Louise's character arc here is going to end with Saji rescuing her and fighting in her stead so she never needs to ever take action without his help again.
--I am not sufficiently convinced that Lockon v2 is different enough from Lockon v1, you guys! Maybe I'm just being overly critical here. Maybe we're supposed to read more into his flailing when handed control of the shuttle; maybe it's meant to indicate that he resents responsibility and is only in it for the fun? That would be an interesting tactic to take.
--Setsuna looks a little too happy to see Gundam 00. I hope Graham's mechaphilia isn't contagious.
--Bah. I was hoping to at least see Feldt's reaction to Lockoff this episode, if not Tieria's. Oh, well--next episode.
--Okay, what the hell is that image in the ED of hands grabbing at Lyle.
--Eeee, a shot of Soma and Allelujah lying together! I finally have something to icon of them! Sob. I swear, I'm not actually hoping they become canon, because then it would probably be an annoying boy-rescues-girl-who-becomes-all-fluttery-around-him thing, I just...want to see them interact more and have something totally awesome going on. But...looking at that shot some more...them lying there holding might actually become canon. Um. Well, I'll withhold judgment until I see more. Maybe it's just indicating that they have a childhood connection. Which we already know. But eee it's such a shippy shot ♥ Now I can actually start up supersoldiers
--Marina in a field of flowers clutching at children. That's laying it on a little thick. But maybe that's just Setsuna's view of her--that might be interesting.
--Oh, I see, once again they're doing the "last bit of show comes after the ED" thing.
--Oh God, Haro crying out in mechanical joy for Lockon. ;_;
--Feldt's expression, baww.
--Tieria's reaction of angry denial, so sexy.
--Ooh, looks like next episode we might actually get a bit of Soma/Allelujah interaction. Please?
--Okay, so this episode didn't really thrill me, but it looks like next episode will be interesting. Weird, considering I'm not that interested in Allelujah on his own or with the other guys...but it looks like we might get to see more of Sumeragi's relationship with him as well as Soma's? That I'm all for.
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