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Gundam 00, episode 28.

--Whee, more Marina. Can we please get some actual character development this time? I really want to like her.
--Baww, the bit in the OP with Christina and Lichtendahl and then Lockon!v1 still gets me. ;_;
--Oh, so now the A-LAWS people have control of Veda? Interesting.
--I'd like to have a little more idea of what Ribbons is actually doing, but I have a feeling we're going to have to wait.
--I also wouldn't mind learning what exactly the Innovators are, but I can wait for that, since I have a feeling it'll come with some juicy Tieria backstory and development.
--Oh snap, we finally get to see Soma interacting with Allelujah! My screencap tool is out and at the ready.
--Gah, and he's trying to call her name. ;_; Poor Allelujah.
--Dammit, now I want more Soma backstory.
--Okay I'd heard about this but hahaha oh my god Lyle called Tieria cute and kldjflkdsfd Tieria's expression this is like a fangirl's dream come true omg.
--And Feldt sort of...awkwardly saying his name, bawwww, this is reminding me how much I loved her relationship with Neil. Sob.
--Okay, seriously, what purpose does Mileina have? Couldn't they just have given Feldt more stuff to do instead of introducing a new loli?
--Dammit. I am weak to images of old photos of now dead friends or destroyed relationships.
--I kind of love Saji's psychology here; he knows that Celestial Being were trying to create peace, but they destroyed his and he can't help but hate them for it.
--Aww, Soma is getting a call from home from Sergei. So cute.
--Yay, more Nena. I hope she does something horrible and crazy and hot soon!
--...huh. I wonder about that "as I thought, another personality has..." translation. Is it supposed to be taken literally, that Allelujah thinks Soma/Marie also has a hidden alter ego? That would be an interesting twist. But, well, neither Nyoron nor GG has been known for their accuracy with this show.
--Awww, the news about Allelujah has dragged Sumeragi out from hiding. I always liked her interactions with him.
--I admit to being kind of annoyed with the way they handle Sumeragi and her angst. She's so...wibbly. And not in the way that I usually like.
--Aww, Setsuna called Allelujah nakama.
--I wonder if Haro even understands that this Lockon is different. Oh, Haro. ;_;
--Setsuna's reaction to learning about Marina is...interesting. Maybe we'll see some development there...although really, it means nothing to me without Marina herself getting some more personality.
--So...their spaceship can turn into a submarine.
--Okay, so maybe Lyle asking Haro what his brother used to say during combat is cute.
--Hmmm. Did Lyle tip Kataron off that Celestial Being would be attacking at that time?
--Oh hell yes, gunpoint confrontation between Soma and Allelujah. *_* Be still my heart.
--While she calls him "specimen." So wrong and so hot.
--You know, I'd be less frustrated with both Sumeragi and Marina if they didn't perpetually sound like they were about to burst into tears. Although at least it's understandable in Marina's case right now.
--Soma is French? Hee.
--And by a rainbow. Just in case they weren't gay enough already.
--Angry Kati is way hot.
--Yup, Lyle's funneling information to Kataron. I can't wait to see how that goes down with Celestial Being.
--Yes, and they even throw me a Shirin/Marina bone! Suddenly Shirin stops looking cool and smug and is full of D: instead.
--I'm not too happy with the animation quality this episode, though. Annoyingly, since...Soma/Allelujah scenes, dammit.
--Aww, Tieria is so happy to see Allelujah the same. Maybe in part because he's so upset about how different Lockon is?
--Oh God, the clip of Lyle and Feldt in the previews. Want that now. Kick his ass, Feldt!

I was going to post some icons here, but then I realized I'm too damned lazy. Instead, kick me if I don't get supersoldiers up and running by tomorrow; I'm pretty sure someone else will make alle_soma or something and start promoting that if I don't.
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