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the promised kitten post, now with more girly crap

Cordelia says the human holding the flashy thing must die.

Portia claims my father.

Cordelia is Loftbed Kitten, the little-known apprentice of Ceiling Cat.

Portia wants to know what these book things are for.

Cordelia will have your food.

Portia investigates the strange new location to which she has climbed.

Cordelia loev box, no matter how many times the human points the flashy thing at her while she's in it. I swear, the Anne Rice book is only there because I was getting ready to give it away.

Portia surveys her kingdom.

Cordelia runs for it! She attacks!

The kittens are unimpressed.

Cordelia has an unusual sleeping spot.

The kittens have an angry standoff of much cute. Then they tussle!

I have nothing else to say here, so here's Othello in a shoebox.

And speaking of shoes...

I'm not much of a fan of shoe shopping, as a general rule. Either it's purely utilitarian, as for sneakers or snow boots, or it involves paying ridiculous sums of money for something I'll rarely wear. But I needed black ankleboots for my Death costume, and the nearby shoe store was going out of business and having a massive clearance sale, so I figured I'd grab the boots there.

Except that once I was there, and once I saw the prices, I went a little crazy, and I wound up getting four pairs of shoes.

Oops? But they were really cheap. When it comes to clothes and shoes, I'm a scavenger at heart.

Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to make it through an entire convention in three-inch heels. At least I plan to spend a lot of the time sitting down in the manga library.

For now, I think I'm going to play Mass Effect some more until my eyestrain headache becomes impossible to ignore.
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