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Gundam 00, episode 29.

--Ooh, what is this? Is it a Soma flashback? That would be pretty sweet.
--dflsjflkds Allelujah heard her voice in his head when they were small children both in a strange place? I SHIP IT SO HARD, YOU GUYS. I mean, I still don't care whether it's romantic or platonic, but in either case I fangirl their relationship and hard.
--This is so great, what the fuck was wrong with me waiting so long to watch this episode?
--And he rescued her from loneliness! Please let her return the favor by rescuing him sometime! Except...I'm pretty sure that instead he'll rescue her again. I refuse to have hope!
--This...might even make me interested in Allelujah on his own. Just a little.
--jfldjfdlks SHE NAMED HIM they are so OTP
--Oh God, tiny Soma is so cute. ;A;
--And now I realize why Allelujah kept his "institute" name as his Celestial Being codename: he valued it so much as a gift from Marie/reminder of their bond that he didn't want to give it up. Okay, that's not exactly confirmed yet, but I think it's a pretty reasonable assumption.
--I love Tieria's expression as Setsuna promptly makes the decision to use the Ptolemy to bring Marina back to Azadistan.
--Oh jeez, Mileina.
--Oh, Feldt. She's apparently the only one still visibly having trouble with Lyle, and I don't blame her.
--I love you so much, Feldt! To be fair, I can understand why Lyle may have had good intentions in doing it--"oh, she liked my brother, she'll like me even more if I ~*~fulfill her dreams~*~ and I'll fit in with them even more"--but adfskdlfds so sleazy. I've seen the argument that "Feldt has to take some of the blame" because she was "leading him on," but uh. Giving him strange, awkward looks + having had a crush on his dead twin =/= "leading him on." No. Go Feldt.
--Oh, Haro. "Rejected! Rejected!"
--Yeah, uh, I don't really believe Lyle when he claims it was "for her own good." I still think he was trying to earn her affection so he could Fit In Better. Or maybe I just don't like the idea of Lyle teaching Feldt a lesson through sexual harassment. And if the show keeps going in the direction of "Feldt is naive and misguided and Lyle will Show Her The Light," I will be pissed. Honestly, I'll just be pissed if the show doesn't somehow subvert the whole "replacement twin" thing eventually. I don't want Lyle manfully proving his worth to the team, then joining them as an individual and all is well. I want to see consequences for the stupid "let's bring Lockon's twin on to replace him!" thing, I want to see them prove that there was a reason for it beyond cheap and easy character design issues. And when that isn't proven (yes, I'm cynical), I'll be pretty dissatisfied with the show as a whole. I really wish Neil hadn't been my favorite; then maybe this wouldn't bother me so much.
--Aw, Allelujah and Sumeragi.
--Oh snap, did you just call Kati incompetent? Someone's going down.
--Well, this guy should be dead within either this episode or the next one.
--It's interesting that outside characters identify Setsuna and Marina as "the knight and the princess," a theme that's been common in recent Gundams, but in actuality they don't fill the roles very well at all. I half-suspect that the show is setting up a subversion here (a much less obnoxious and stupid one than the Suzaku/Euphemia "subversion," not that that's hard). And if they do...honestly, just looking at the show as a whole--the way it's been fucking with the usual roles--makes me wonder if maybe they won't do something worthwhile with Lyle-as-replacement-twin. They don't seem to be heading in that direction, and I'm too cynical about Sunrise to trust that they will, but maybe I can still hope.
--MISUTAA BUSHIDO. Graham, you have now lost the ability to look at yourself in the mirror and not cry.
--Actually, maybe that whole "Mister Bushido" thing is also a subversion/send-up of the usual "masked man" conventions. Or maybe I'm just deluding myself into false hope.
--Oh, Kati, you are so sexy. You actually think about things, unlike 90% of the other characters in the military here.
--...oh, she's only doing it in order to hint that she can recognize Sumeragi's amazing strategies. Which aren't actually that amazing. Sigh.
--You know, I think I'll pretend that they're doing this to satirize how idiotic the military activity often is in real robot series (at least recent ones).
--Maybe Louise will actually get some agency this episode? Pretty please?
--Aw, Shirin's expression at "we will definitely rescue your dear friend."
--Once again, I wonder what the word being translated as "distortions" is, and what connotations it has in the original Japanese. From the way Setsuna's been using it, I almost wonder if it has a similar connotation to "sin" in English.
--You know, I'm starting to feel like I don't know where the show's going anymore. Like it's just repeating standard contemporary real robot tropes about war in a way that it didn't really in the first season. Maybe they're setting up some kind of subversion? But I don't want to get my hopes up.
--"Marie was the only one who could interfere with my quantum brainwaves to that extent." Thank you for finally answering a question I've had since the first season. Also, for hitting another pairing!kink of mine.
--Yeah, I'd also like to see just how they're going to deal with the fact that Allelujah slaughtered a building full of children for strategic reasons. Well, technically Hallelujah did, but Allelujah was the one who suggested the plan. I understand the motivation, I understand that he wanted to do something about the super soldier program and couldn't figure out what to do other than kill kill kill, but I'd like to see them address what a huge thing it was.
--Once again, Sumeragi's terrible past. With how much they've hyped it up, she had better have done something really awful.
--I know Allelujah is trying to rescue Soma, but I still hope she's the one who rescues him somehow, dammit.
--You know, I usually love princess/knight pairings where they think of each other in dramatic moments. Why is Setsuna/Marina completely failing to do anything for me?
--Oh yes, more Allelujah vs. Soma.
--Yay, Shirin and Marina reunion!
--Suddenly, Marina could almost become interesting. By hanging out with Shirin again, of course. Shirin/Marina makes everything better.
--Oh, it's yandere Billy, just like I heard about.
--Ooh, it looks like we might find out a bit more about the Innovators next episode. But really, I just want to see Patrick again.
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