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Gundam 00, episode 30.

I'm going to try to turn my cynicism about this series around, you guys. I mean, I just voted for THE CANDIDATE OF HOPE AND CHANGE, I ought to be able to apply those principles to my entertainment as well. So here goes: I hope that Lyle will serve a satisfying role in the plot that justifies the cheapness of the tropes he employs. I hope that Marina and Shirin will have awesome interaction that helps flesh out Marina's personality. I hope that Feldt and hell, even Louise get to kick ass. I hope that Celestial Being continues to put a new spin on the Standard Gundam Hero Organization Fighting To Promote Peace.

And if all that fails...I can always keep watching for the Soma/Allelujah and Kati/Patrick.

--Okay, so if the Innovators aren't right behind A-LAWS, what the hell are they doing? I eagerly await the revelation in the hopes that it will awesome rather than the setup for yet another Boring Treize Ripoff.
--Who named the Innovators, anyway? What were they smoking?
--I see Ali still has his Horrible Bastard grin.
--Shut up, Mileina.
--Aw, Feldt is still geeky enough to think that fiddling around with the systems on a ship is a fun use of time.
--Aw, Shirin plans to protect Marina.
--Aaaand Setsuna's PTSD is back!
--Once again, we get Shirin recognizing that Marina is a symbol rather than a real power. Can we please get Marina realizing it and reacting soon?
--If Celestial Being isn't "operating off political ideals" like Kataron, then what the hell are they doing this season? Are they just planning to keep fighting A-LAWS forever?
--...I guess I'm still being cynical. Sorry!
--Klaus looks disconcertingly like Andrew Waltfeld to me.
--Oh yeah, Kati's getting some respect. Or at least some more authority.
--Okay, the A-LAWS logo looks way too much like the Starfleet logo.
--Graham, you already nearly died once, and now you're in a mask and calling yourself "Misutaa Bushido." Do you really need the further injury of whatever Kati's going to do to you if you disobey her?
--Aww, Soma and Sergei, so cute I might explode. Of course, this is just to set up Sergei's inevitable death. Everyone will see it coming miles away, and I will still bawwww because it's Soma and Sergei.
--The Return of Setsuna's Oedipus Complex Mommy Issues: Part II!
--You know, the fact that Setsuna blatantly regards Marina as a mother figure is the only thing that makes the inevitable pairing even remotely interesting to me.
--Saji, this is not the time or place.
--Awww, Tieria's new sense of humor so cute. He is in fine moebot form.
--And Sumeragi's reaction, hee.
--I am rapidly losing my patience with Saji.
--D'aww, Shirin's reaction to Marina going off with Celestial Being. She knows Marina's just a symbol but she cares about her anyway.
--Sergei is so good at being the good cop.
--Minor character named Barack: coincidence, destiny, or someone in Japan giving a shout-out to their favorite contestant on the hot new reality show "American Election"?
--Huh. Why does Liu Mei specifically say that she'll "report to Tieria and the others"? Any significance?
--So apparently the mask makes Graham even more of a drama queen.
--Allelujah's one to talk about "shouldering the guilt," considering his history of letting his evil mind-twin do his dirty work.
--So, that was a pretty typical "the enemy has done something unforgivable!" scene, complete with planting the seeds of defection in a sympathetic character on the Wrong Side, except for one thing: it also sets up some potential for Lyle to snap. Here's hoping something interesting comes of it.
--Oh, Soma. ;_;
--No, duh, Saji, what did you think would happen? But, well, he's pretty clueless about how battle works, so as long as he learns from it I'm willing to work with him here. If he continues harping on the same issues for the next five episodes as he has for the past five episodes, though, then I won't be so thrilled.
--Dammit, I never noticed before (I don't know why, it was obvious enough), but that shot of a hand with jewelry wrapped around it clinging to a hand holding a gun is obviously Saji holding onto Louise. If that's supposed to indicate that Saji will Lead Her Back To The Path Of Goodness, I'm not too pleased, since after the recent episodes I think Saji needs a change of direction just as much as she does. On the other hand, if it's just the two of them Holding Onto Each Other Against The Pain Of War, it could be all right.
--Oh hey, maybe the trauma of seeing her country get ravaged like that will actually prompt Marina to grow some personality!
--Oh holy hell, Ali did it. That is kind of awesome. I don't know why, but then, he might be the only character who could pull off "I did it just to piss off Setsuna."
--I find myself actually looking forward to next week's episode! Awesome.
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