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So I was flailing over what to do about how often I need to check guides while playing Persona 3, when suddenly I realized: hey, there's a wireless-enabled laptop I can use around here! Hmmm.

I'm on May 29th in P3. I just had one of my weird "maybe I actually like you?" moments with Yukari. Her reaction to the bullying showed some hint of personality. But so often the game treats her as The Chick and pushes Minato/Yukari even though I'd rather have Junpei/Yukari if anything.

I'm going crazy over how much I have to skip. So much to do! Too little time to do it in! Why can't I at least do two or three things on Sundays, anyway? No fair.

Akihiko is probably my favorite character so far, even if Mitsuru is undeniably the hottest. He's badass and kind of hot in his own way. Plus, I get the feeling from a few stray comments that he's covering something up with his obsession with fighting and being badass. And that's pretty sweet.

Also, they haven't interacted all that much yet, but Mitsuru/Akihiko (in that order) is OTP.

AKIHIKO: I can fight an enemy who uses electricity with my eyes closed. I don't suffer much damage from electricity. But, ice is a different story... ...Wait a minute... Isn't Mitsuru's Persona strong with ice? If my Persona is another side of me...and ice is my weakness... Is it just me or does there seem to be a connection there?

I'm getting my ass kicked trying to fight the level 25 bosses. Level-grinding time!

I got my NaNo up over the 2,500-word mark tonight. Not very impressive, I know. I'll finish and post the prologue tomorrow and get more done on the first chapter. Things are starting to flow a little more easily.

One last note: you know you're pwned by your pets when you find yourself glaring at a creature several times smaller and cuter than you and shouting, "This is my muffin! My muffin!"

Now back to level-grinding before bed.
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