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Gundam 00, episode 31.

--Boy, Ali really enjoyed himself there. I kind of get the impression that he may be extra psycho now after his brush with death last season?
--Ah, I see. The titular "scar" is both the ruined Azadistan and the destroyed Kataron base.
--Yay, Shirin survived! Not that I was really worried.
--I see Saji came back to the Kataron base. Nice cut. "Who could have told A-LAWs...?" Cue D: D: D: Saji.
--And Tieria knows. I kind of love him for that, and his reaction.
--Oh snap! Sumeragi flashback!
--Younger Sumeragi so sad and cute.
--Oh, I see. She ordered her troops to fire upon what turned out to be reinforcements, and those allies turned out to contain her boyfriend?
--...and she reacts to the memory by fainting. Sigh. I appreciate that she's traumatized and all, but it's more and more frustrating how they pin Sumeragi into the box of 'incompetent woman.'
--I love what a girl Tieria is. He slaps instead of punching.
--This scene would be even cooler if they hadn't animated the noses so weirdly.
--I love how Setsuna walks in on Saji sobbing on the floor and just calmly asks what's going on. Him and his PTSD.
--Yay, Shirin/Marina hug!
--What is up with the noses this episode?
--While it's nice to see Kati dissing this Lindt guy, it's getting kind of annoying how clearly they're drawing the line between Sympathetic Antagonists and Unsympathetic Antagonists. I guess it's not to be helped; it's Sunrise, after all.
--It is kind of neat to know that Kati was involved in Sumeragi's Great Trauma, though.
--Lindt just needs to go away already. He's a waste of space as a character.
--I kind of like how Shirin clings to the comfort that Marina has returned in the face of Azadistan's destruction.
--And Marina's reaction actually gives her a hint of personality.
--Goddammit, why must this totally hot Shirin/Marina scene happen in such a dimly lit room? It'll be impossible to get icons of it!
--Oh, so Liu Mei is working against the Innovators. It would be really nice if I could get a better idea of who's on whose side by this point in the story, you know. But learning that Nena has quantum brainwaves is interesting.
--Wait, Hong Long is her brother? Or is that just a figure of speech? It almost might make her interesting. But not really.
--So, as I expected, Sumeragi has been angsting over something that isn't even her fault. So frustrating.
--I do think I like the twist of Soma becoming more instead of less distant and soldierly because of this battle. But with the upcoming Sergei developments, no telling how long that'll actually last.
--Dammit. Even though I've essentially given up hope on this show ending in a way that satisfies me, Soma and Sergei's relationship still tugs on my heartstrings. I'm so predictable and easily manipulated.
--Aw, "the name 'Soma Smirnov' sounds unpleasant." S-so moe.
--I do wonder where she got "Soma Peries" if she was originally "Marie."
--Oh no, you did not just bitchslap Sergei.
--...Yup, Nena is even more crazy and evil than ever.
--Can Louise please start actually doing things instead of just looking unhappy?
--In the midst of all this, even though it's cheesy, I really like the way they're going with Soma. It sets her up for such delicious angst.
--Wait, now it turns out that Soma's quantum brainwaves let her read other people's emotions? Why did we not know this before? And why didn't we hear anything about Allelujah in Season 1 being able to do this? I guess it's because Soma's been getting more powerful over the last four years, but still, this seems like a pretty big thing that they should have mentioned earlier in the season.
--Oh, no, don't have Andrei fall for Louise. That would just be dumb.
--Okay, they really need to go somewhere already with this Mister Bushido crap.
--Saji, what could you do to help?
--Oh, so Allelujah can sense Soma's presence again? I thought that had gone away when Hallelujah did.
--Oh jeez, Saji is going to be directly fighting Louise. I wonder if they'll realize who they're fighting at any point?
--What, did Saji learn how to shoot from video games?
--Goddammit, making me look forward to the next episode again by promising Allelujah/Soma interaction. I want it so bad I can almost ignore all the things that frustrated me about this episode.
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