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Michiko to Hatchin, episode 1.

--Ooh, Portuguese text. Already this scores points with atmosphere!
--And, of course, boobies. Large ones. But I'm okay with it so long as she's being badass while wiggling them, and from everything I've read, that seems to be the case.
--Forty-seven seconds into the show and Michiko is already a huge badass. Aw yeah.
--"Surely she could go farther." Even the other prisoners have crushes on Michiko.
--She speaks her first line while aiming a machine gun. I think I'm in love.
--And the OP is every bit as cool as I was hoping, with Bebop people behind the music.
--I have to say here, just from the OP, I love how androgynous Hatchin is. In any other series, she'd turn out to be a typical anime boy. But here she's a girl.
--And her voice is so adorable, eeee.
--The animation and character design in this show is so damn expressive. I'm even more in love.
--Already I just want to scoop Hatchin up and hug the poor girl.
--This is shaping up to be the best take on the Cinderella archetype ever.
--Nooo poor Hatchin, get rescued already. T_T
--Michiko is pure sexy badass. I don't care that she's holding up a bank with a machine gun, she's still my hero. I...kind of want a crossover where she and Omar work together.
--I am hating Hatchin's foster parents so much already. And I love it.
--Again, as Hatchin's foster parents show off their award to the social services/whatever guy, I am forced to say, they are deliciously hateable.
--They're even jerks to their poor cat. Talk about laying it on thick--but it's all done so entertainingly that I don't mind.
--They're throwing the cat away? Okay, they need to die now. D:<
--Okay, Michiko needs to break in and kick these brats' asses right now.
--Yay, fight back, Hatchin! You can be both adorable and badass!
--"Look at me! This is me! Remember it!" Such an awesome sequence. ♥
--Now I remember from the description: Michiko ran into Hatchin running away. Okay, Hatchin rescuing herself and leaving on her own is even better than Michiko rescuing her.
--I wondered if Michiko was Hatchin's mother, and yes, she is, and that just makes it better. Because she's so not maternal at all, but she still cares about finding her kid.
--Um, the cut from Hatchin running away to Hatchin being back with her foster family was kind of weird. But I can live with it.
--...all right, so Michiko riding her motorcycle in through a window is even better than her meeting Hatchin while she was running away.
--Hatchin, Hana, whatever you call yourself, you have the most badass mama ever. And she's hot, too!

Fffff I need to watch the next two episodes and then follow them as they come out. And I need to make icons. And--dammit, this needs to have a fandom already that I can turn to for news and pictures and general awesome stuff.
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