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Michiko to Hatchin, episode 2.

Poll #1299462 Michiko to Hatchin: The Burning Questions.

Michiko/Atsuko: How hard do you ship it?

Like burning
Like a marooned sailor
Like Fedex
Like the Titanic
Like it's two days till Christmas and you still haven't mailed any presents

Fill in the blank: Hatchin is as cute as a _____.

Angry tomboy Nia
Kitten with pigtails, on a motorcycle, pouting

--"Michiko's Bike Designer" is actually credited in the OP. I love this show.
--Michiko attacked locations related to a crime syndicate? Sweet, so she's a noble criminal. I am needing a crossover where she meets Omar more and more.
--Oh, the look Atsuko gives her. Oh, the way Michiko responds. Okay, yes, I am shipping it. So hard.
--"The Brown Sugar Outlaw." I guess that's offensive as an episode title, but when the "brown sugar outlaw" in question kicks everyone else's ass...
--I like how they conveniently fail to give Michiko a decent shirt in prison. Clearly, Atsuko just wants to ogle her boobies.
--I love how Michiko gets her riled up even though Atsuko's the one in charge. Mmm, sexy power dynamics.
--Oh, they've been rivals since they were kids? We had better get to see cute flashback scenes of them pulling each others' pigtails.
--...Michiko actually called Atsuko a pervert. This isn't even subtext. It's text that there's something just slightly sexual between them. I'm in love.
--This is so a relationship that would be completely unappealing if either one was male, but since both are female? I am all over it.
--Aw, Michiko's reaction to hearing about Hiroshi's death. She suddenly looked vulnerable, but didn't dissolve into angst and uselessness. I love her even more.
--Atsuko uses a whip. Um...I'll be in my bunk.
--How shippy is it that Atsuko is affronted by someone else using Michiko's name? So shippy.
--So cute, that Hana is the one person who isn't affected by Michiko's bluster and drama.
--I do wonder, though, why Michiko isn't telling Hana that she's her mother. Was that just a lie to her foster parents? Is her relationship something else entirely? I think I'd prefer her to be Hana's mother, but I'm willing to go with whatever this show gives me.
--Michiko telling Hana about her father is excruciatingly cute.
--Hana is only nine? Well, that kind of rules out Michiko being her mother, unless there's something extra-weird going on. Oh well. She can still be a kind of dysfunctional mother figure to her.
--Michiko is so a much more awesome female version of Kamina. I love her so.
--I love how Michiko is allowed to be a total badass, and clever about it, but also completely dense when it comes to dealing with kids.
--I also love Hana's deadpan "why is my new mama so violent" expression. So much.
--I wonder if we'll find out why Hana doesn't like being called Hana? Is it because it's a reminder of her time in the foster home?
--Aww, Hana trying to instill some morals into Michiko.
--Okay, I'm pleased that they're keeping the foster parents as characters, at least for a little while. I want to see them get pwned some more, even if they do cause trouble beforehand.
--Of course, if they were just there to give Atsuko a lead, I'm okay with that too, because it means more Atsuko.
--Michiko's lack of idea of what's appropriate to talk to a child about = hilarity.
--Michiko is a terrible mother figure. It's so great.
--"I'll protect you no matter what happens. I swore to that." Aw, she does have honor, though. Still wanting an Omar crossover.
--I wonder why Hana told Michiko she doesn't have the tattoo? She obviously wanted out of the Yamada family. Perhaps she wanted out in a nice lawful way rather than getting rescued by a crazy criminal? Or maybe it's something deeper than that. Maybe she's testing Michiko?
--Of course, in the middle of a tense gunpoint standoff, Michiko and Atsuko take the time to tease each other. So hot.
--Michiko saying racist things to Atsuko is less hot, but...I guess it's just to piss her off? And it's not like Michiko is exactly a role model.
--Awww, Michiko putting her hand on Hana's when she shakes. She does have a little scrap of decency in her when it comes to how to treat kids.
--And then she comforts her! jfkdljflds I love their relationship so much already. ♥
--"I believe in you. So won't you believe in me?" Oh my God, they are genderswapped Simon and Kamina with added awesome.
--Ooh, Atsuko actually momentarily got the upper hand in their relationship and got Michiko to react. There are so many things about this pairing that push my buttons.
--And there is biting. This, class, is how fanservice should be done.
--Yeah, um, I'm going to go with "Hana wants to be called something else because she doesn't want to be reminded of the times her asshole foster father called her 'Hana.'"
--Awww, Michiko saving Hatchin even though she thinks she doesn't have the tattoo.
--The line where Michiko comments on Hatchin's crying being gross, while somehow still managing to sound cute.
--And Hatchin calls Atsuko Michiko's "friend," because it's that obvious that they're more than just cop-and-robber.
--I am so interested in Michiko's past now, you guys.
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