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Michiko to Hatchin, episode 3. Michiko actually halfway entertaining the woman hawking weird stones and relics?
--Not only is she halfway entertaining the woman, she calls her "a messenger of God." It is kind of adorable how much Unexpected Depth Michiko has.
--Aw, and she tries to get Hatchin to sit on her lap. So cute.
--"I was born with this look." Hatchin is so ridiculously cute, you guys.
--I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Michiko being kind of gullible like this, but if Hatchin is going to be the skeptical voice of reason, it could turn out awesome.
--I do like the weird combination of traditional and modern stuff the old woman uses. It makes me wonder how much research was done into Brazil and its people for this show; from what little I've seen, that is how modern South American shamans work, but I haven't seen much.
--Aw, Hatchin is just sulking and Michiko is worried about saving her.
--Hatchin is the sensible one. She already knows better than to expect that Michiko paid for something.
--Hatchin tries so hard!
--Huh. Even though she doesn't want Michiko calling her "Hana," she still names herself as Hana to others.
--So she says outright that she doesn't want to be called Hana because it reminds her of her foster home. Fair enough.
--Hahaha, "think of it as my breasts." She knows the effect she has on men, she uses it to get them to pay attention, and then she demands that they pay attention to what she wants them to.
--I see Michiko has Sokka's art skills.
--The place is actually called "Super Fancy Chinese Restaurant"? So great.
--Yay! It's an Important Haircut!
--Also, that was an interesting subversion. Normally the adult being outwardly harsh to the kid but showing some small sign of affection would be a sign that they're Not Really So Bad; here Hatchin sees through it and gets pissed off anyway.
--I'm not sure how I feel about a group of brown people menacing an innocent white girl? No, no, don't overthink the show's racial issues, it's only three episodes and you want to enjoy this thing.
--That is such a great Hatchin use of a "miraculous stone."
--And she does get rescued by a brown person, after all, so...sort of. Kind of an accidental rescue. But that's how Michiko is.
--I love Michiko's constant outfit and hairstyle changes. Considering she's a wanted criminal, they even make sense.
--Okay, I can't tell here: does Michiko really believe that man isn't Hiroshi because she refuses to believe that her Hiroshi would ever love someone else, or is she just saying that because she knows that her dream of finding and hooking up with him again just got shattered?
--That ending was...confusing. So that guy wasn't Hiroshi at all? Did the whole "chasing after Hatchin's father" goal just get scuttled, or are they going to go on and find him somewhere else? I don't get it. I think it would be pretty cool if they have to now give up on Finding The Man and confront life on their own terms, though...and not just because it opens the way for my OTP or anything. Really.
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