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my conflicted chick character thoughts

My mixed feelings on Yukari are only getting more prominent. Well, they're generally getting more positive, too.

I found her early development boring and the setup for Minato/Yukari annoying. But after her resolution? She's started to become genuinely interesting. I pinned it down after her 12/20 scene with Mitsuru: inside that pink-clad girly shape, within that blatantly chicky healer role, a heroic spirit has appeared. I mean "heroic" in the sense that's usually ascribed to male fighters, to bold and active guys wielding swords. She looks to the bright side even in the darkest times, and does so in a calm and measured way rather than a stereotypically perky way. She favors fighting till the end, and she says so more openly than (or at least before) any of the others. This is the kind of role that would normally fall into Junpei's hands, but no, it's Yukari.

It's weird, because normally, as I've talked about before in relation to Odin Sphere and why I love Gwendolyn and Gwendolyn/Oswald so much, I become much less interested in characters after they've worked out their issues (see also: my plans to apply for Akihiko taken from relatively early in the game, at least at first). But with Yukari, I was almost completely disinterested in her prior to her working out her issues and am becoming slowly more and more interested in her after she's done so. If I had to hazard a guess, it's because I found the execution of those issues woefully bland, plus they were mixed with the Minato/Yukari hints moreso than later in the game. She had a fairly generic "wants to find her purpose" problem, plus some father issues that would have been more interesting to me if they'd come up more often and been shown to trouble her more. I think if they'd invested more time in fleshing out her quirks (like her tendency to tease, which before really only manifested with Junpei) and giving life to her past, I would have been more interested.

I am also leaning more and more towards Yukari/Mitsuru, although I still feel like all the dating within the game itself has drained away my usual urgent need to shipshipship. I like the unexpected reversal of the senpai/kohai power dynamic and the vulnerability Mitsuru shows around her. Also, there's the fact that Yukari is so blatantly gay for her it hurts, but that goes without saying.

So I don't forget, some things I want to make myself more icons for:
Persona 3
Michiko to Hatchin
The Daily Show/The Colbert Report

I also need to do a bit of research to start plotting out some of the things I'm interested in writing. I have some ideas that I want to write for my original NaNo project (which, obviously is going to become a more long-term thing out of necessity...I hope), but I'm having trouble figuring out to get from here to there.

I also really want to start watching Soul Eater soon, because I've heard nothing but good about it. But first I have to finish Princess Tutu. I've been delaying on that for way too long. Stupid Persona 3, eating my brains.
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