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Gundam 00, episode 33.

--It is really not a good sign when you have to basically force yourself to watch an episode of an anime you're following...but I'll admit that is in part because I'd rather be playing Persona 3. On to the show.
--Okay, I will cop to being totally interested in how the show handles Tieria's revelations, because the genderfuck involved should be glorious.
--Oh, so they're not androids, they're telepathic nanomachine-powered Newtypes?
--It is interesting that Tieria didn't seem to know about the Innovators. What did he think he was?
--Oh, no, the plan is about Advancing Humanity To The Next Evolution? Or maybe not. But I don't quite get how A-LAWS = humanity advancing to deep space. Maybe they'll explain more later.
--Oh, the Innovators aren't Newtypes, they're Coordinators.
--Ooh, Ribbons didn't want Regene telling Tieria this? Conflict! Possible interesting motivations for Regene!
--As disgruntled as I may be about the way the last episode handled Allelujah/Soma, it is really cute how everyone is all "wtf Allelujah brought his girlfriend back?!"
--Awww, Haro asking Saji if he's lonely. Haro just may be what redeems Saji for me in these episodes.
--Aw, Allelujah "needing" Marie as his "reason for fighting." If you just let Marie need him as her reason for fighting, and let her fight, I'll be okay.
--You know, if I could stand Mileina, her question there would have been hilarious. It's a shame she's so annoying.
--"Azadistan being broken down." Because outside governments carving up the Middle East has worked so well in the past!
--It is really looking like Tieria has Issues relating to his reason for existing/fighting. Why else would Regene be able to play him so easily?
--Now I want to know just how Tieria, an Innovator like the others, wound up separated from them in the first place. I guess it would have made sense to place one of them inside Celestial Being from the start, but why not tell him the full extent of the plan?
--Holy crap, sudden unexpected return of the OTP!
--Neil is so adorable even as an imaginary ghost.
--And the fact that he basically represents Tieria's inner resolve and reason for fighting just makes it more OTP.
--Well, at least Feldt remembers Marie as a fighter.
--And she still identifies "Lockon" as Neil. Bawww, not only do I get more OTP, I get more Haro Family Unit.
--I still love Feldt. At least the show hasn't screwed her up. And maybe, just maybe, she'll get to kick ass.
--"But to Feldt, the crew of this ship are like family to her." Yes!
--Louise, why would she leave that suit to you? As much as I'd like to say otherwise, you've proven to be nothing but incompetent. I mean, it'd be cool to see you fighting for the "memory" of Soma, because she was the one person who treated you with kindness there...but it would make no sense.
--At least Kati has sense. But I'm sure eventually someone will override her. At least, that's how it'll probably go. If it instead goes, "Louise proves her worth in battle and earns the custom Ahead," I will be pleasantly surprised.
--Oh, for fuck's sake, Lindt. Every episode, I think you cannot possibly be a more worthless character, and yet you are.
--"There's a man you should know very well among the replacement personnel." OMG YES CAN IT BE?
--PAAATRIIIICK. Aw, his "TAISAAAAAA" and gleeful waving, so cute.
--Aw, why does Kati look so annoyed with him being there? Don't break them up, Sunrise!
--At least Lyle can recognize the stupidity of what's being done to the Middle East.
--Oh my God, Feldt! No, don't say that you're useless! Wait, wait, do say it, because it might lead to you taking a level in badass and performing some awesome. Please let it lead to that!
--Aw, yes, Kati and Patrick! She's annoyed because she was trying to protect him from A-LAWS. This is a welcome relief from the bullshit of Allelujah protecting Marie from combat.
--And he did it because he wants to protect her! They're trying to protect each other! So cute my heart may burst from it. Dammit, I'd forgotten that this show could do OTPs so well.
--Patrick is the most adorable dork ever. This is fact.
--And he seems to be more aware of his mortality/supporting player status now, but also willing to keep fighting on regardless.
--"The Immortal Colasour." Hahahaha oh I love you, Patrick. Stop making up for everything that has been wrong with this season so far!
--And the way her expression melts from irritation to fondness...awww.
--Aww, Feldt and Marie awkwardly talking.
--I love the total lack of explanation for Tieria-with-boobs. He's not really male anyway, so why should be be a big deal for him to appear as female?
--Hahaha, "Sumeragi's idea I guess."
--You know, maybe you guys should have come back to Billy-as-head-of-development-at-A-LAWS before now? Just a thought.
--Billy's father is the commander of A-LAWS? Huh!
--Louise looks...rather alarming in that kind of dress. Almost maid-like.
--That's interesting, having Louise be A-LAWS' largest investor. That at least explains why Lindt, for example, would be willing to give her the custom Ahead. Not so much what Ribbons has planned for her.
--Oh my God, Tieria's girl!voice. So perfect.
--He is kind of scarily good at being a sweet little damsel.
--Okay, Ribbons dancing with girl!Tieria is kind of awesome.
--It's pretty cute that Louise remembered Setsuna.
--And Ribbons tempting Tieria with access rights to Veda! Because for all he knows, Tieria is still that brokenly obsessive little moebot who lives for nothing but Veda, Veda, Veda.
--Louise's reaction to Setsuna is actually kind of interesting. She still has this lingering fondness for her old life.
--And she won't even name Saji, aww.
--Ah, the one thing that foiled the plan was that the members of Celestial Being would continue to cling to each other as a family enough to keep working towards their goals. Considering the role Neil played in that, it's appropriate that his memory has appeared in this episode so much.
--Oh, no, Billy is going to see Setsuna. Drama is about to ensue.
--Oh, Tieria. Because he now has other ideals than Veda, Veda, Veda--most notably the memories of Neil and all that he taught him--he can resist Ribbons's temptation.
--Louise, in the throes of pain, hearing that Setsuna is Celestial Being? That's not going to be good!
--Yes, Ribbons outright attributes Tieria's transformation as a person to Neil. I am so happy, you guys.
--The themes this episode! The themes!
--And Tieria pulling a gun out from his garter! How is that not perfect!
--Okay, I'll still be forced to drop the show in disgust if/when Marie dies pointlessly solely to give Allelujah angst, but I have a tiny bit more hope now.
--Also, hot damn, motherfucking Ali.
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