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i should just sleep.

I'll admit to being somewhat cynical of the whole "buy local!" trend in environmentalism, because for the most part it seems to be more about being greener-than-thou (as, unfortunately, is yuppie environmentalists' wont) than about actually helping the environment. But when you're a business that makes a big point of being green, why would you think it's a good idea to market dark chocolate sea salt caramels made in Ireland from Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with salt from the Dead Sea? I mean, seriously, the Dead Sea? How is salt from there so very different from salt from any other sea that it's worth all those extra miles? Oh. Right. So you can put on the package, "Made with salt from the Dead Sea!"

They are very tasty, though.

I beat the Reaper tonight in Persona 3, which was satisfying, but I am somewhat annoyed about the 9,999,999 yen cap on money, because even if I buy up a whole ton of stuff before claiming the reward, most of the 5,000,000 yen prize will still go to waste. Dammit.

I am thinking that I don't actually need to be constantly replaying the game to be able to apply at campfuckudie, so I think that once I'm done I'll move onto something else. Preferably on the computer. I might replay The Longest Journey so I can finally play Dreamfall, or maybe finish Psychonauts (assuming the Meat Circus doesn't make me give up in disgust...actually, I'm rusty enough with the controls that I might not even be able to finish Waterloo World). Bioshock is also on the table. Or possibly some cheesy dating sim. Persona 3 has not satisfied my addiction to those.

However, for now I will note that I seem to be able to write a lot for RP applications lately, so tomorrow I'm going to see if I can put that to use in my own writing. I want to go back to the project I attempted last month; I still have ideas for that. But one of my other ideas is also slowly taking shape in my head. Right now, I suspect that most of it alternate between flashbacks to a house full of geeks trying to save the world and a very-very-post-apocalyptic roadtrip taken by a lesbian mathematician, a bunch of formerly-human brain patterns preserved as a computer program and placed in an alien robot, and a very contrary plant alien.

Oh, and I also need to watch the new Gundam 00.
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