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Gundam 00, episode 34.

--Have I mentioned how amused I am that Setsuna and Tieria are both angsty crusaders now? This isn't helping your social dysfunction, you guys.
--Ali still makes the best crazy evil faces.
--As much as I fail to care about mecha, I still find that Throne pretty cool.
--Did Ali just lick his lips? Eeeegh.
--Tieria, of course, identifies Ali as Lockon's nemesis rather than Setsuna's (and I am happy to see that he, like me, still identifies Neil with Lockon, although I'm sure it's supposed to show that he's unhealthily attached to the past and being unfair to Lyle). That would be kind of gay if you were actually technically male, Tieria.
--And promising to avenge him! The show starts improving for me for plot-related reasons, and as if by magic, my OTP once again enters the picture in both this episode and the last. Coincidence?! ...Yeah, probably.
--How much do I love the cold, rational Tieria going pretty much off his rocker to avenge Lockon? So much.
--Lyle's reaction there is...interesting. I really want to see more of just how he related to Neil. And I reiterate, I want to see some consequences for the whole "let's replace Lockon with his identical twin!" crap. A Lyle-breakdown-from-trying-too-hard-to-be-his-brother that fucks up someone's plan would be fine too.
--Poor Tieria. Ali doesn't even care about him, he just wants to make Setsuna suffer. Which just makes me hope it's Tieria who takes him down in the end (Setsuna can take down whoever the main villain turns out to be). But I don't think that's likely.
--Ribbons complaining about Regene "ruining the party" may yet make me like the Innovators. not sure how to feel about Hilling/Healing/whatever Care.
--Does Louise want to open up about what's wrong with her to Andrei?
--Oh yeah, Andrei's so considerate. He doesn't ask Louise, he just goes and looks it up without even telling her.
--You just lost yourself some sympathy with that "for a girl who is more suited to wear a cute dress" bullshit, Andrei. But I have the sad feeling that we're supposed to agree with him. Girls don't belong on the battlefield unless they've been forced into the role, you know! (How did Kati get into a show like this, anyway? Well, I guess it's okay if you're in the background of battle.)
--I'm surprised Setsuna even mentioned that he met Louise to Saji.
--...huh. And he's developed the social acumen to lie about how well she's doing, too. Not all that well, but Saji is really desperate to believe it, so.
--I have to say, in concept I really like Louise and Saji--normal people who get caught up in the war, their story interwoven with it, meeting up with the protagonists through chance and happenstance that gradually comes to seem like inevitability. I not too happy with the way they've been executing it for most of this season so far.
--Can they please get rid of Lindt already? Please?
--Man, Revive sound and looks even girlier than Regene.
--Patrick had better watch out. Kati/Revive is the new hot thing.
--Okay, if they take this "Neil hadn't moved on, Lyle has" in the direction of "Lyle is better than Neil," I will be pissed. I mean, I acknowledge that Neil was a very broken person and that's why I loved him, but that's just mean-spirited.
--Setsuna carrying the guilt for Neil's death almost makes him interesting again!
--Okay, if Lyle makes Tieria doubt Neil and switch over to his way of thinking about things instead? There will be blood in the streets.
--Oh, so do we finally see Graham and Billy together again? They need to start being married again. That would make up for a lot.
--"I desire the fastest speed and the strongest sword." Yeah, that's not suggestive or anything. I wonder if Graham got scarred anywhere other than his face?
--Awww, Patrick.
--I foresee some Tieria/Ribbons hatesex, you guys.
--Hmmm...I wish I paid more attention to whether Tieria has been using "ore" or "boku" more this season, so I'd know whether it means anything that he used "boku" just now.
--At least Marie's doing something, but I still want to see her in a suit again, dammit.
--Awww, Haro rolling down the hall. That may just be the best part of this episode.
--Okay, so Patrick doesn't have anything to fear from Revive, really...but from Sumeragi? Now that's the question.
--At least we get to see a hint that Marie feels bad about fighting her former comrades. Even if it's only a does suggest that she'll get more character development in the future, which would go a long way towards easing my discontent with the way she and Allelujah hooked up.
--Aw yeah, Kati totally"Leesa."
--Oh, she knew Sumeragi in college? Then Patrick definitely has something to worry about.
--Who is this guy who seems to have the Innovators on tap, and why should I care about him?
--Dammit, next episode looks too enticing. More actual development, probably Marie-centric, for Allelujah/Marie? Angsty long-haired Tieria having a shower scene? More competent female characters? Nena returning? The only downside is that it looks like Mileina gets some focus. Bah.
--...and it looks like Sergei's life is back on the line. Poor Sergei.
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