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Sudden catchup thingy!

So, today lilairen acquired the third season of Avatar and...watched rather a lot of it. In a panic that she would surpass me, I watched the next two episodes I hadn't seen.

Non-spoilery reactions:

"The Southern Raiders" was great; Zuko and Katara make a hell of a team, and I can see why people would enjoy shipping them from it, but I cringe at the thought of the crazier fans insisting that it proves Zuko is "better for" her than Aang. In fact, thinking of how those fans would interpret it slightly lessened my enjoyment of the episode.

"Ember Island Players" was even better. It was scary just how many of fandom's memes they managed to include (the iceberg-egg analogy!). Toph's reaction was terrific, and I loved the way they handled the ending.

I may watch the finale tomorrow; I may not. I'm still working on finishing Persona 3. But I am increasingly thinking that I might try applying for Azula again at polychromatic if she's still open next round. That's assuming I even get through this time, cue application-flail.

From afar, lilairen's brain is mildly broken by realising who Ozai's voice actor is.
Long distance to lilairen: annwyd laughs and laughs.
lilairen pages: He's basically ... playing Vader.
You paged lilairen with '...I had not thought of it that way. Now I'm going to laugh more.'.
From afar, lilairen adds, "Playing Vader complete with evil sociopathic lightnings."
Long distance to lilairen: annwyd dies.
From afar, lilairen wins!
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