ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

Gundam 00, episode 36.

--Okay! Time to watch this episode, and I'll try to keep the complaining to a minimum, honest.
--Whew, Sergei's all right. Not that I really expected him to be dead--they've still got too much to do with him as The Honorable One.
--Hands up who's surprised that Ali loves the effect of Memento Mori! Anyone? Anyone? I didn't think so.
--Huh, Liu Mei actually shows some expression in reaction. Finally realizing she signed up with the wrong side? Not...that it actually makes her interesting.
--Nena's expression is so great. She looks like she, uh, really enjoyed the blast. Um.
--Well, it's nice that it's made clear that the bad guys (or at least some of them) are trying to wipe war out as well.
--Aw, Hallelujah promptly went away again? And we're back to plain old Marie with no angst or freakouts? Dammit.
--Oh, Tieria is finally explaining about the Innovators. Good.
--But how do you guys know that Aeolia's plan was ever about peace in the first place? Dun-dunh.
--Setsuna always makes things so simple. There's just something about his traumatized brain.
--Aw, Tieria looks so wibbly as he tries to remind them that he's the same as the Innovators.
--And Sumeragi calls him nakama, d'awww.
--Could it be? More Shirin/Marina yes please?
--Ooh, maybe Nena will go batshit on Liu Mei's ass. That would be fun!
--I'm sorry, but even after seeing Anew, Revive still looks and sounds like a girl to me.
--Oh noes, moral conflict. Katharon isn't so nice!
--Lyle wants to mack on Anew? Is there some sort of genetic inability to keep one's hands off pretty moebots going on in that family?
--Oh, Revive is sending telepathic spy messages to Anew. Nice. Maybe this means Marie will actually get to be useful in intercepting them?
--Wow, there are a lot of people at that base. Who knew that the remains of Celestial Being still had so much support.
--So...if the base is being destroyed, and not all of them are going on the Ptolemy, where are they going?
--That is a sexy, sexy face Kati is making.
--Ah, there are transport vessels for the others, although where they're going to go, I don't know.
--This is like, long-distance space-sex between Kati and Sumeragi.
--As much as I'd like to see Saji be competent, I am somewhat dubious of Sumeragi's decision to send him of all people--after what she's seen of him so far--to check on matters of vital importance. I guess it's because he's the one she figures can most easily be spared from the bridge.
--Awww, and when Our Heroes manage to pull out of this, it just may rekindle Kati's bitter and cynical spirit! Perfect.
--"0-Raiser, docking mode! 0-Raiser, docking mode!" Well, they have gone a while without giving us more Saji/Setsuna ship fodder...
--They finished docking and Saji didn't even realize it? Wow, Setsuna's a bad mecha-lover. But what can you expect?
--Oops. Louise isn't going to be very happy with Saji now.
--Ooh, the shot of Ribbons freaking out in the preview looks interesting.
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