ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

on alan moore's adorable rage.

A conversation spawned from this link (which is well worth checking out for Watchmen fans):
oneironaut: I've wondered since I first saw the trailer about the feasibility of a panel-for-panel remake of the comic, from screenshots of the film. There's no way; even with the Black Freighter animated short, there will be scenes with no film analogue. Also, pointless waste of time. Still, oddly compelling.
annwyd: It would also cause Alan Moore to explode and bring about the apocalypse, which would be fun.
oneironaut: Yeah, is it wrong that at this point I just find Alan Moore kind of cute and funny when he's apopleptic with rage?
annwyd: No. I think that's the rational response.
annwyd: It's a perfect tragic twist! Having been screwed over by Hollywood for so long, he is unable to appreciate it when someone there finally truly loves him!
oneironaut: It's like something Joss Whedon would write.
Tags: quotes, watchmen

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