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mmmm, memes and pairings

I wasn't going to do this meme, but then I realized, hey, actually I think I could come up with obscure pretentious short descriptions for my favorite pairings. So, here we go.

♦ Pick up to fifteen OTPs.
♦ Describe them in fifteen words or less.
♦ Have your friends guess the OTP.

You only get three hints from me:
♦ Most but not all are from anime or Japanese video games.
♦ Some are easier than others.
♦ No canon appears twice in the list.

1. they could have destroyed each other || but they held each other and grew stronger
2. neither grew up, in stone or mist || maybe together they could
3. falling into dark places || they remember each other's faces
4. trust is boring || but just this once he might--
5. for her you show your weakness || for you she shows her strength || Yukari/Mitsuru ♦ Persona 3 (guessed by moebot)
6. he was your second chance || you were his first and last || Mwu/Murrue ♦ Gundam SEED (guessed by joiedecombat)
7. home at the end of a meandering path || but she's gone now || Laguna/Raine ♦ Final Fantasy VIII (guessed by joiedecombat)
8. one star falls || the other still rises for him || Lockon/Tieria ♦ Gundam 00 (guessed by moebot)
9. she would be glad to protect him || and he can be himself || Sokka/Suki ♦ Avatar: The Last Airbender (guessed by goodguesser)
10. they are not their hearts' desires || but bound and best together in magic fires
11. a thousand bloody battlefields between and behind them || but only love ahead || Gwendolyn/Oswald ♦ Odin Sphere (guessed by paperclipchains)
12. a million burning stars are no barrier || love is the only true power || Simon/Nia ♦ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (guessed by csakuras)
13. too close but too far || maybe someday the time will be right
14. there would be no triumph || were she not herself for him, and he for her || Fakir/Ahiru ♦ Princess Tutu (guessed by csakuras)
15. your savior came when you least expected || now what can you do for her || Casca/Farnese ♦ Berserk (guessed by boudica)
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