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Gundam 00, episodes 39 & 40.

Once again, I am behind. Joy. Two-episode catchup post. Hopefully I'll watch the next episode early next week.

Episode 39
--Oh fuck no, don't tell me it's opening with a recap of that stupid, stupid "Lyle proves his worth as Lockon" scene. I will kill something.
--You can't live up to that name! You shouldn't have it in the first place! This is stupid.
--Okay, that's out of my system for now, I feel slightly better. I have "fantastic slutty Nena," as a friend put it, to look forward to.
--Sob. If they're going to put adorable naked Feldt (jiggling, WTF) in the opening, they could damn well let her do something in the show itself.
--Ooh, emo Tieria freakout in the OP.
--That shot of Saji and Louise together and looking peaceful in the OP is interesting. It will probably turn out to be A Symbol Of What They Can Never Have (I want them to have a happy ending after much struggling, but I don't really trust the show to pull it off without pissing me off at this point).
--What is with the glittery butterfly, though? When did this become a Persona game?
--Good job, Celestial Being, you succeeded in further cementing A-Laws' control! Well, at least the superweapon (and Lindt) is gone.
--The fact that both the good guys and the bad guys are fighting for the sake of peace here is a nice twist. I just wish this season could actually do something with it.
--Oh snap! Setsuna gets to meet Nena again? Please please please! Of course, in this situation, it looks like he's going to assume she destroyed the Ptolemy...
--She's still hitting on him. She's so evilly adorable.
--And Evil Haro is still mean. They are so great.
--Aww, even Ian gets to show off his trauma face. This show is so generous with those.
--Yes, yes, thanks for the recap, Ian.
--Marie is now serving everyone food. Whee.
--Is it okay for me to want to punch Allelujah right now? Uuuugh. He needs to start eating his "don't make my precious Marie fight!" words, and soon.
--Whee. Lyle/Anew. Whee.
--At least he's giving her his name rather than trying to be Lockon some more. That's slightly encouraging.
--Awww, adorable fail!Saji.
--I love how Ali's expression upon realizing that Setsuna is chasing him is still "damn, how annoying." Although he's obviously baiting him deliberately.
--Katharon is really starting to bore me now. Maybe it's just because of the association with Lyle. Don't make me hate Shirin, Sunrise. Don't do it.
--I remain unimpressed by what they're doing with Marina. It's just so...pasted on to the rest of the show (everything is starting to feel that way, but she had a similar problem in S1). Lacus was cheesy and unrealistic, but at least she felt like a solid part of SEED's plot and character.
--It's just kind of sad that Marina went from being a figurehead princess to someone who sings songs with children without ever seeming to really confront her powerlessness. I don't know where they can go from there with her, other than "her only power is as Setsuna's love interest," and ew.
--So the subs have changed Kurdistan to "Krugis" as well. Sigh.
--I will admit, that is a pretty goddamn badass pose there, Ali.
--Obligatory shocking revelation that everyone expected. I'll be happy(ish) if we get to learn why, though.
--Okay, Ribbons, but why did you really spare Setsuna?
--And that's why you don't follow your archnemesis wherever he feels like taking you, Setsuna.
--Ribbons is pretty calm about Ali's cavalier attitude towards his orders. I wonder if we'll get to see Epic Ali Betrayal Of The Innovators later.
--Ali is still using the Fangs. You know, just once before Louise takes her down (I hope, I hope), I want to see Nena in her own Gundam tear into him.
--I like how the Innovators just completely failed to count on Tieria totally falling for a human. Whoops.
--Well, at least Marina is trying. It still kind of bothers me how completely her role is limited to a vague mother figure thingy.
--What the--does Seravee have extra groping hands?!
--Ah, so that's why it was transliterated as Seravee rather than Seraphim. It had Seraphim inside it.
--Hee hee. "Bring Stabity!" This show is so good at narm sometimes.
--Ali is making some seriously great faces this episode.
--So Marina's song reaches Setsuna? Well, there's been no explanation for that, but I guess I can roll with it. It does reinforce that he's not going to be the one to kill Ali, which is kind of nice, as frustrating as it is to see him stopped so close to getting it done.
--That's a very loud song. Or at least it carries very well.
--Ooh, so Louise will eventually get a badass mobile suit? Do want. Granted, it's obviously just going to be so Ribbons can use her as a puppet more and more, but...maybe she'll do something badass with it? Okay, more likely she'll be nobly rescued by the manly Saji, who will then heroically pilot the suit himself. Or something. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
--Goddamn, Graham, you and your weeaboo mobile suit.
--Billy, you are such a creepy stalker yandere.
--"Fights cause new fights to happen." This show has such brilliant dialogue!

Episode 40
--Okay, the song is worth it just to see Ali looking all pissed off about it.
--Was that Saji appearing in the OP with the main four? Eh, it was probably just Allelujah--no, it was Saji, all right. I wonder where that's going.
--Hmm. The OP does seem to be hinting at Graham being Setsuna's final boss. I don't really see how they can pull that off in a very satisfying way, though.
--Hilling just looks girlier every time. This new Innovator (presumably Divine) is shockingly masculine, though.
--Ugh, Feldt smiling happily at Lyle.
--Aww, Tieria having faith in Setsuna is adorable.
--Oh. Hank Hercules is organizing the coup d'etat. He is clearly going to die, leaving the matter in Sergei's hands.
--I see, we are going to learn something about Sergei's Angsty Past. Hopefully this will lead to the Return of Soma, or at least Marie getting to be badass.
--"I want to live as a soldier in a proper army" is actually kind of touching, especially by the standards of 00 dialogue.
--"You don't want help beforehand?" From Katharon? Seriously, you guys are a joke by now. You've become the Redshirt Army.
--Andrei, you are such a creeper.
--But Louise's response is all kinds of awesome. I love her more and more.
--Oh, don't you even bring up Saji, Andrei, you sneaky little fucker.
--Patrick showing up makes this scene about a million times better instantly.
--Oh, Kati is commanding the Innovator pilots? This should be interesting.
--I wonder if Billy remembers that this is the woman his crush was totally gay for in college? You know, this is a great opportunity to have more Kati/Sumeragi stuff. Which is why they probably won't.
--Marina seems to trigger Angsty Childhood Dreams in Setsuna.
--Aww, Setsuna dreams of Lockon when he needs him, too. Tieria's not the only one!
--"Change in place of me." Bawwww. That's so goddamn Lockon. (Although, interesting that it shows up in Setsuna's dream, since I don't think Setsuna ever really twigged to the fucked-up way Lockon looked at himself and the world. I guess he managed to assimilate some of it subconsciously.)
--The contrast of Marina's privilege to Setsuna's eminently fucked-up experience in this scene is interesting. I just can't help but doubt they'll actually do anything with it, since going back to S1 they've faintly poked at interesting issues with Marina, then just kind of left them alone.
--At least she seems to finally be settling on an identity. I just wish it wasn't so passive.
--Tieria just...put a blanket...on sleeping Mileina. That is so fucking moe.
--And then he goes on to talk about how glad he is that she's here, okay, I can't stand Mileina, but the characters around her can be so goddamn awesome.
--Okay, so the Kati/Patrick interaction here lasted like two seconds, but it was still the best thing in this episode. And this wasn't even that bad of an episode.
--Well, that was charmingly anticlimactic.
--I don't care that you're saving everyone's asses, Lyle. In fact, that actually makes me less charitable towards you. If you'd show some actual personality and weakness I'd be a lot happier. But it's a bit late for that.
--The Empress is one sexy mobile suit. Armor. Whatever it is. It's hot.
--Yes, Sumeragi. Let Marie go. Despite what the past eight episodes of the show would have you believe, she is, shocking enough, her own damned person and actually quite a competent pilot.
--Wait, is that Louise with the rainbow android eyes? What the hell?
--Aww, Marie actually looks kind of disappointed that she won't get to fight. Please let me not be imagining this.
--I like how Allelujah and Tieria are both making "rape in progress, iyaaaaa~" faces there.
--Well, that was quite timely, HAAAANK HERRRRCULEEEEES.
--This is a very flowery ED.
--Okay, I admit it, it's also pretty as hell. Why can't you maintain even half this level of solid, coherent themes in the show itself, Sunrise? I know, it's not the same thing, but it was notably more consistent in S1.
--Sexy picture of Tieria butt is sexy.
--Yup, that's Anew with Lyle there. The way the two different EDs flow into and answer each other is really very nice. Tell me again why they can't do a fraction of that in the show itself?
--Sigh. This is totally foreshadowing that Lyle is going to redeem Anew with the power of his love, isn't it. I mean, I could interpret it as ironic foreshadowing that Anew is going to get him to turn against Celestial Being, or at least fuck up his usefulness as a fighter, but I refuse to get my hopes up.
--Oh boy, it's the Weeaboo Suit! Complete with Kamina glasses.
--I do love the way their dialogue clashes; Graham's all formal (possibly keigo?) and Setsuna, well, "Scram!"
--"Prelude to Tragedy." What an encouraging name! At least Nena's in the next episode.
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