ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

okay, I guess I do have to say something about this.

Quote from a source which does not need to be named, because it was a random MU* discussion and who gives a fuck:

Modern Feminism isn't about equal rights, it's about subjugating men. It's a yoyo affect [sic] that happens whenever an oppressed group is empowered.

No. This "yo-yo effect" is imaginary, caused by taking the known fact that individuals abused as children are more likely to become abusers as adults and generalizing it to the very different dynamic applied to an entire group of people. It makes a pretty story (oh, the tragic cycle of abuse!), but it's wrong on so many levels. For one, it implies that any time a disadvantaged group starts to regain power, they will abuse it. For another, it paints every questionable action they take as somehow related to their minority status. That woman didn't hit her male child because of her own anger management issues and violent personality, she did it because she's a woman!

I would like to stop seeing it applied to any disadvantaged group that is now starting to reclaim its power, whether that group be women, people of color, or Jews. We can still criticize the things that particular feminist groups, black politicians you don't like, or the Israeli government have done. But we can do it without the tiresome "cycle of abuse" narrative and all its ugly implications about the inescapability of "oppressed" status and the fears of power falling into minority hands.

I'm cranky, and I'm going back to my video game now.
Tags: actually this is serious business, feminism, kyriarchy, stupidity

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